Monday, January 29, 2007

Final Cruise Thoughts 2

Besides the towel animals, there were various planned activities.
There was, of course, the formal nights. (Clearly the guy in the background of this picture wasn't enjoying it so much. Is he asleep?)

Especially during the 'at sea' days, there was all sorts of fun activities with which to fill your time. Of course laying out on the deck and catching some sun was always a popular choice. You could also go down the giant slide right on the lido deck or work out in the gym. Yeah right, work out. Hilarious! Never happened once.
For more planned activities you could go to an ice sculpting demo, gamble in the casino or play bingo. Corey even entered the blackjack tournament, but unfortunately we didn't have much luck.

He had more than luck in the sports trivia contest. He had mad skills as he won first place!

One of my favorite 'other activities' type of thing we did was just find a secluded spot on the deck and watch the waves crash into the ship. Out in the middle of the ocean, you really get it when they say that most of the world is covered by water. It's incredible to be surrounded by beautiful deep blue sea, with rainbows bouncing off the water. Sure it's a little cheesy, but honestly it was really cool. We even saw flying fish!

Like I said, this was probably the best vacation either of us have ever taken. It will definitely not be the last cruise we do. Hopefully in a couple years we'll plan our own big group vacation and you'll be invited.


Randman said...

Aren't cruises the best. It's a big luxury hotel where every morning you wake up, it's in a different place.

We've been on 3 cruises (all Disney . . . imagine that) and love it. We were going to try to go on another this summer, but Charlie isn't potty trained yet, so he can't do the children's programs.

I'm glad you guys enjoyed it. Maybe we can all go on a big cruise. If I get the Disney job, you know what that means???? Discount Cruises!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JoRae said...

Wow, sports trivia. He even got a medal and everything!