Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Thanks to my friend Jeff A. for the tip on this video. I don't want to spoil it, so just watch the video to the end. It will all make sense then.

- Corey

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My first hockey game

Corey's anniversary gift from me was a 5 game season pass to the Chicago Blackhawks, the local hockey team. The first game was this past Friday. My only goal was to see a fight and blood. I got my wish!

I also learned a few things at my first hockey game...

* The "cheerleaders" are retarded. Not literally, it's just that their job title is misleading. They don't cheer or even encourage the players. They skate on to the ice between periods wearing skimpy outfits and they scoop up ice with a shovel. That's it, that's all they do.

* The Blackhawks have an unusual obsessive love for their organ player Frank. He's great, I get it, but seriously do you need to devote all 17 minutes between periods to Frank?

* 17 minutes between periods... weird number.

Oh yeah, and the Blackhawks beat the Avalanche 5-3, but it was a good, close, exciting game.... well at least that's what I was told. I only sort of knew what was going on and only part of the time. Mostly I was busy rooting for fights.

- Mo

Thursday, October 18, 2007

5 Things

No, not the improv game. Ryan tagged me (and/or Mo) to answer this "meme" thingy:

List 5 things
that certain people (who are not deserving of being your friend anyway) may
consider to be "totally lame," but you are, despite the possible stigma, totally
proud of. Own it. Tag 5 others.

Given a week or so to think about it, here's what I got for you.

1. I have only bounced one check in my entire life. And that was due to someone bouncing a check they paid to me. I'm obsessive over bank records and making sure that my checkbook is balanced. To me, online banking is one of the greatest advances of modern technology in the last 30 years. Less checks to keep track of, and ease of balancing accounts at any time...I love it.

2. I remember pro-athlete jersey numbers with savant-like precision. Often even somewhat obscure players from teams I've followed as a kid. KU's Steve Woodberry? #20. The Chiefs Albert Lewis? #29. The Royals Greg Pryor? #8 (edited: dammit. it was #4. my bad). I've been known to use this skill to help me remember phone numbers. My cell phone number is 913-Bill Maas-Troy Aikman-Danny Manning-Warren Moon-George Brett.

3. I love cereal. I love it so much that Monique has to continue shopping while I take my time in the cereal aisle. I take a while because I enjoy all the options, and I there's usually something new to try. Plus, I refuse to ever get the same box of cereal twice in a row. Refuse.

4. I have an uncanny ability to identify actors by their voices. This usually happens when watching TV and a famous or even semi-famouns people are providing the voiceover to a commercial. I'll blurt out the name of the actor, and Monique will freak out 'cause I'm always right.

5. As a kid, I would draw all the time. But not just kid drawings, I would try and copy things. I'd draw product packages and corporate logos, etc. I was really good, and much of my drawings looked like they were traced, but I did them freehand.

So there you go. Now, I tag Pete, Randy, Crescent, Freddie and Keith.

- Corey

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Road Trip!

Sorry for the sporadic posting lately. Busy times, y'all, busy times. That's a lousy excuse, I know. "We're all busy, Corey. We make time to come view your little page, the least you could do is write something new." Wow. I didn't realize you were so passionate about it. I'm sorry. Here's some new stuff now. And quit whining, it's kind of off-putting.

Ohio! Monique and I, along with the lovely and talented Sarah R. and Freddie S. took a roadtrip for the CCC to do a show in Mansfield, Ohio on Tuesday. We actually drove to Mansfield Monday night, got up and did the show on Tuesday afternoon, and then drove straight back to Chicago.

Mo, Sarah and Freddie picked me up Monday after work in Evanston in our sweet rental PT Cruiser to head out of town. We promptly drove 2 blocks and then stopped to eat dinner. After some decent Bar Louie grub, we then hit the road in earnest. Traffic in Chicago being what it is, it took a little while to get out of town. Either due to construction or us just not paying attention, we missed one of our turn-offs (which is not a turn-on, zing!) and it took us a little while to get back on track. On the plus side, we all saw much more of the south side of Chicago than any of us had previously.

Directions rectified, we were off and running. For what seemed like forever. Across Indiana, into Ohio, with stops for bathrooms, gas, food, etc. all in all a 5.5 hr drive turned into something like 9. Exhausted, we crashed hard at the lovely Mansfield Fairfield Inn. The good news is, according to Mo, they had the best continental breakfast ever! And she's a huge fan of continental breakfasts. A nice older lady was running things, making sure everything was stocked, cleaned, coffee was made, and griping about the new toaster which isn't as good as the old toaster even though it's brand new. She even made me a waffle. And not some stupid toaster Eggo frozen crap. Made from batter on a waffle iron. Nice.

The show was at THE Ohio State University - Mansfield campus. A quaint little satellite campus for the main institution located about an hour away. They hold a monthly Tuesday afternoon event where they host some deal in their Student Union, give the students free pizza and pop from12-1 and they get a turnout of like 200. Also, the show was great. We all had moments where we shined, and best of all the crowd loved it. I even knocked down the faux brick wall backdrop they had set up on the stage for us. Because everything is funnier in front of pretend bricks. It was an accident, but we played it off nicely and everyone enjoyed a few laughs. No harm done.

The trip back was pretty smooth. There were many road jokes, lots of fun stories, too much junk food and fast food and some sweet iPod magic to keep us entertained. Freddie's 80's slow jam mix was tremendous on so many levels. And as much as being in the car is just uncomfortable for that long of a period of time, this was all in all a really fun road trip. It was a great group to travel with, and we have decided to stake our claim as the official CCC Touring Company. We'll see if that sticks.


Thursday, October 04, 2007

I don't want to workout

This is how I feel about running.
Running sucks. I absolutely hate it. In fact, I don't actually run, I do intervals. Run, then walk, then jog, then run a bit, then walk trying to catch my breath, then run....But I always feel great after. My anniversary gift from Corey was the Nano+iPod (See previous blog entry to find out details of what it is). After 2 months of consistently jogging almost everyday, I've hit a wall. I just can't seem to motivate myself like I did the first few months that I was working for myself.

My birthday present from Corey was a big shopping spree for workout clothes. No, my husband isn't hinting that I need to lose weight. He knows I want this stuff. Plus it was a very unselfish gift since he HATES shopping and we actually had a good time picking out all my clothes.

So sigh now I don't have any excuses to skip working out. I have a pair of good quality shoes, cute comfortable clothes, the latest technology to track my progress. Lance Armstrong and other famous athletes even come on to my iPod to congratulate me when I beat my record for minutes per mile pace. I have no excuse. Sigh if only Corey could wrap motivation in birthday paper.

- Mo