Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Me Groin!

I've injured myself again. I strained my adductor muscle, also known as my groin.

Apparently I over did it last week when working out. Mostly it just hurts when doing lateral movements, rolling over or crossing my leg. It's pretty uncomfortable when I sit for long periods of time since that muscle attaches to my knee as well as my butt. Sigh

Per the physical therapists orders, I'm on "active rest." Mostly I just have to take it easy and not do stuff that hurts it, such as running. I can use the stationary bike (like that's real exercise).

So tonight I am watching TV with a hot pad stuffed down my pants, heating my groin. Jealous?

- Mo

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Forecast Calls For A Severe "Psych"

I feel like I've been punched in the gut.

It's my final week at this job. It's hard enough to be motivated to come into work. Add to that temperatures in the teens. Additionally, it's snowing. And has been snowing since last night. Here's how my morning went:

6:45 am - Walk out the door. It's cold, and still snowing. The walk to the train is a filthy trek through nasty slush. Lovely way to start the day.

7:00 am - Standing at the Western platform, thinking to self, "You can do it, only 4 more days."

7:45 am - Arrive at Davis stop in Evanston. Head down to the street. Am not hit by a bus...but only barely.

7:55 am - Walk into the lobby of the building where I work. Several co-workers are there, awaiting elevator. We're told there's a power outage in the building, and only one elevator is working.

8:15 am - One (of three) working elevators has not arrived. Decide to join two co-workers in walking up to our office. On the 9th floor.

8:17 am (approx.) - It's only the 5th floor? Regretting decision.

8:20 am (approx.) - Arrive at 9th floor. Hang up coat. Hear the "ding" sound of the elevator arriving at our floor.

8:25 am - Office manager explains to staff that we have only auxiliary power. Lights are on, but no computers, no phones, no restrooms, etc. He asks us to hang tight while they figure out what's going to happen.

8:35 am - Complete today's sudoku puzzle in the RedEye.

8:45 am - Office manager assembles everyone again. Explains that we have to wait until 9:30 to make a decision. If we still have no power at 9:30, they're shutting down and sending everyone home. If we get power before then, we can be operational by 10:00 and they feel that's worthwhile for a day's work. Reasonable, I guess. Annoying? Certainly.

9:15 am - The countdown has begun. Some around the office are whispering about plans for the day, some are openly humming "The Final Countdown". Ironically the title of the previous post here.

9:27 am - The power comes on. Let me pause now and let that sink in. NINE EFFING TWENTY-SEVEN.

Words cannot fully describe the feelings right now.

- Corey

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

It's The Final Countdown...

Good luck getting that tune out of your head. And you're welcome.

So the countdown is currently 7 days. Or 9 days, if you count the weekend. I don't. I'm saying 7. That's 7 working days until I'm done at my current day job. Cue the trumpets: I have officially given notice, and am out of here at the end of February. I'm taking the leap into self-employment. During a recession apparently. Oh well, I have optimism for the future.

While in this lame duck position at my current job, it definitely makes it that much harder to get up and out the door in the morning. However, I am enjoying a more casual approach to my daily grind. Don't worry, mom, I'm not totally slacking off, however I'd be lying if I said I didn't think to myself "What are they going to do, fire me?" at least a few times each day.

Things I won't miss about this place:
  • the lack of temperature control
  • micromanaging bosses (an actual email: "Try saying 'how MAY i help you, rather than how CAN i help you.")
  • talking to idiots on the phone (a caller argued with me that I was cheating him by a day because his membership this year ends on 2/29 and next year it expires on 2/28. Really.)
  • the herculean effort it takes just to take a damn day off
  • having to sign out a key to use the restroom
  • call monitoring

Things I will miss:

  • health insurance

So that's that. February 29th is my last day working for the man. As of March 1, I am a freelance artist, for reals. Living solely upon the income from performing shows, tending bar, teaching improv classes, and odds and ends work for the Chicago Comedy Company (soon to be Laugh Out Loud) theater selling corporate shows and other various business-side of the theater work. I'm living the dream!

And just as soon as I started to get nervous about dropping the steady income, I get booked for a couple corporate gigs in March with one theater company and am about to book another for this summer with my own company. All before I actually leave the day job. Yeah, this is going to work out fine.

- Corey

Monday, February 11, 2008

The going ons...

I am going to be really sore tomorrow. Not just from the good workout I did, but also from the fact that I bit it hard walking home from the gym. Our sidewalks are like an ice rink. They are solid ice and though I was careful, I fell right on my side.

Hotel Rwanda is a great movie. I've been meaning to sit down and watch it and finally had the chance tonight. It's very touching and sad. It's also very hard to work on comedy writing directly after watching it.

The past week was surprisingly busy. More shows, including a last minute booking with improv playhouse. We did a fun improv set for a bunch of boyscouts. They were so adorable, especially when a teeny tiny little guy lead and commanded the attention of all for the pledge of alligence and scout oath. Too cute.

Tomorrow we're doing two big shows for a highschool out in the suburbs. Ahh, to make money performing! It'll be a good opportunity to introduce the high school leagues that I'm putting together and running for Chicago Comedy Company.

Also last week I did the hair and makeup for the on-air talent of the Latin NBC channel for a photoshoot. It was an interesting experience to say the least. The first group on Friday were comprised of the head anchors, the 'bigger' talent (and boy did they know it). It was quite the character study.
The second group on Saturday was the weekend crew. They were super nice. It was a great resume builder and hopefully will lead to further work.

Male readers will be happy to hear that the photographer from that shoot talked about using me for makeup on a shoot with these twin 'girls.' He shot them a while back and their pictures made it in the Playboy college edition. They need new pictures for Valentines Day and I might get to do the styling. I'll keep you updated.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Hectic and Cold

As many of you know, it's freezing here. We got a huge snowfall that started last night and has continued into today. Depending upon where you are in the city, there's anywhere from 6 to 10 inches of snow on the groun. Also, the gas tank fiasco almost happened a second time this week. After the first experience of not being able to open the door, I paid close attention and figured out how to do it myself this time when I filled up on gas. At least I thought. Apparently there's a cable in the door that latches and unlatches. And apparently I broke that. Now the door is constantly ajar. At least I can put gas in the car.

We'll just get that fixed when we buy new tires this weekend. Yep, perfect timing, balding tires in this snow storm. I'm sure it's why I slid right through an intersection at a red light in yesterday's snowy downfall. Scary!

It's been another hectic week around here. We haven't had much of a chance to work on our show. Our first rehearsal was supposed to be yesterday, but because of the weather we rescheduled it. I've also been writing for Big News. Anyone can submit their sketches and two-liner jokes for the weekly news show. My goal is to submit at least something every each week. This past Monday, one of my sketches made it in!

Then on Wedesday, I got to play professor at Columbia College. My friend (and owner of CCC) was sick and asked me to take over her improv classes. It was a lot of fun. The main lesson I learned was that college students are sick little bastards. Next time I'll stress to the class to try being smarter than just dirty jokes. Otherwise, I really enjoyed teaching. I hope to have the opportunity again in the future.

- Mo