Thursday, May 31, 2007

Shows You Should See

The Sam Show - This is a sketch show which will be running at the Annoyance Theater in July. Monique and I have been contributing writers/sketch doctors for this show. It's directed by our good friend Ali Weiss. There's a fundraiser happening tonight (Thursday 5/31/07) which involves simply going to The Spot and drinking. Tough work, huh? The Spot is on Broadway, just north of Montrose. It all starts at 9pm and there will be live music and fun. In fact, Monique is going to be singing, which last time I checked was both. There's a $5 suggested donation at the door, and then the good folks at The Spot are donating $1 per drink to the show, so that's cool.

Missed Connections/Moniker - Theatre Momentum presents an evening of three original long-form improvisations directed by three veteran improvisation directors. I am in Moniker and Missed Connections.

MONIKER, directed by James Honey, explores the power of nicknames, showing one person with two separate nicknames diverge on a stage, shaping parallel but very different outcomes.

MYTH, directed by improv veteran Jason Chin, explores the social effects of a single event as its mythology is both created and followed.

MISSED CONNECTIONS, directed by The Playground’s Cholley Kuhaneck, uses actual Craigslist personal ads to take the one night encounters and show these lonely lovers connect or pass in the night.

"Theatre Momentum strives to create improv with a theatrical bent," commented Executive Producer Tony Rielage. "We hope, with these shows, to explore a touch of psychology, philosophy, and humanity, while being solidly entertaining."
WHERE: Theatre Building Chicago, 1225 W. Belmont
WHEN: Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m. June 6 through August 1, 2007 (NO SHOW ON JULY 4)
TICKETS:$14.00 ($12.00 for Students/Seniors) Reservations: 312.528.9071 or

Cheapskates: check this out! Use the discount code "garrett27" for $2 off every ticket!

- Corey

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Dagwood Rittmaster

That's an awfully little piece of bread.... or it a giant toaster?Whatchu doin' with all that tiny bread Corey? Are you having guests over? Are those sammiches for a cocktail party?

Whoa that's a tall stack!

You aren't sharing those with anyone!
Those many mini sammiches are all for you.
Oh Dagwood!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

And now to 'segway' to a new topic....

Uncle Lloyd came to town and has a special treat, took us and his daughter Anne on a Segway tour of the lake front. It was AMAZING!

The segways only took a few minutes to get used to were so much fun to ride. It was a perfect day, too, sunny and in the 70's. We rode through Millenium Park, Grant Park, around the museum campus area all the way down to Soldier Field. We then rode back up along the lake. The whole trip lasted several hours and was just awesome. I highly recommend it!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Devil in the White City - pictures

As promised, here are some pictures from the shoot.

(Perfectly creepy!)

Don't I make a lovely hooker? (obviously you won't see the hater fountain in the film... it's amazing what the right angle of a camera does)

A fellow whore.

Look at that lovely 19th century hair!

The train station scene. Luckily the Museum of Science and Industry has a real train on display. We shot this after the museum had closed.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

And that's a wrap (for now)

So everything went great on the H.H. Holmes film. I'm exhausted now after two really long days. (I also realize even more how much I hate working at a desk.) The producers really liked me and said they'd try to keep me busy in the future. Having never done 1800's hair styles, I was really proud of the work I did. I'll post pictures when I get a chance.

Tuesday I did styling for a pretty big cast and then did the typical production work of sitting and waiting to do another style or powder another nose. It's weird how exhausting that can be.

Wednesday I didn't stop at all. The cast was about twice the size, 16-20 plus people and if I wasn't doing hair, I was in a scene. Who knows how much you'll actually see me in the final production, but there's a decent chance you'll see me a couple times. One scene was in the actual brothel, another where I was flirting and practically making out with a "gentleman" on the street in the background of another scene. In the third, I was just a regular, upper class woman just walking around shopping in Chicago.

Though it won't be done until August, you can already tell it's going to be really cool. Everything was done as authentic to the time period as possible. It was a lot of fun, I ate too many cookies, made great connections, some good tips on how to get work with other production companies and get to do it all again in June!

Thanks for all the good words and support!


Monday, May 07, 2007

I'm such a whore

Update on the National Geographic film, "Murder and Madness in the White City..."

I'm being cast as one of the women in the brothel! I'm so excited. It was seriously the part I was hoping to play.
It just means I have to get up extra early on Wednesday to do my own hair for the shoot. Oh well, who needs sleep? Not this 'woman of the night'.

We also had our first rehearsal with CCC. It went really well. I was impressed, for a group of at least 20, there really wasn't a stinker in there. I think it's going to be fun, talented company to be a part of.


Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I Got More Gigs Than Quagmire

Things are really moving in the hair and makeup world. This weekend I was part of the crew for a film contest called the 48hr Film Project. It's nice to finally see connections pay off. I had submitted for the gig through craigslist. Before I even met up with the producer to show her my portfolio, I had the job. Turns out I did the styling for the co-producer's headshots. She gave me such great reviews that I got the job immediately. With this project, teams of filmmakers come together and literally have 48 hours to complete a 5 minute film. They are given a phrase, genre and character and have to write, shoot and edit the entire thing in 2 days. Needless to say it was a bit chaotic. Still, it was a blast, very professional and I met some great people. The producer has done work for the Discovery channel as well as stuff for Nascar, independent films and even films for Second City. Her husband, the director, also has some legit work under his belt. I was very fortunate because they loved me and have promised to bring me in for other more lucrative projects in the future. So, if you're in Chicago tomorrow, there will be a screening of “Brown Dwarf Spectral Features in the Near Infrared" (ArsonPlus Entertainment, Jaque Archer-producer) at the Landmark Century Centre Cinema. Yeah weird title... yeah, weird film.

I got word back on "Murder Madness in the White City," the Bill Kurtis Production and National Geographic documentary about the Columbian Exposition of 1893 and America's First Serial Killer H.H. Holmes. I'm being hired as the hair and makeup stylist for the shoot! They've guaranteed 3, possibly 5 days of work and finally I get paid! Plus they're still going to let me act in it as long as there's time after I finish the rest of the casts' makeup. If it's anything like the music video or recent film I did, there will be plenty of time since it's mostly about sitting around and waiting. I'm so excited I could pee! Hopefully this leads to more. Not more peeing, more stylist and acting jobs.

Things are going so well, that I'm officially starting to look for part time jobs to help subsidize. I definately can't do all these gigs plus keep a full time job.

Giggity, giggity!

- Mo