Thursday, June 30, 2005

Trip to KC - June 24-26

Monique and I made a trip back home to KC the weekend of June 24-26. It was jam packed with excitement. There was wedding planning to do, celebrate Mo's sister's birthday, attend my aunt and uncle's 50th anniversary party, Monique had a bridal shower thrown by her maid of honor, and generally catch up with old friends. We took a crapload of pictures which will gradually get posted on here as we can. For starters, here are some pictures taken when we met up with the Comedy City crew at an old favorite dive, the Caddyshack. Enjoy!

- Corey

We've joined the Geeks

So, we're officially bloggers. It is with slight embarrassement that we say, "Welcome."
We decided to set this up for a couple reasons. One is just to keep in touch with our friends back in KC, here in Chicago and all over the country. Another reason and probably more importantly is that (like most of you) we both have boring-ass jobs. We sit in front of computers all day long, letting our minds turn to mush. At least this way we can share that excitment with you.

Umm.. ok then... hmm, don't know how to end this. Well hopefully we'll get better at this as time goes on...

Seacrest out!