Saturday, August 30, 2008

An Instrumental Extravaganza

We made Indian food for dinner last night. Not only did we get a taste of curry from the heat and serve box, we also got a special treat... Dr. Chitti Babu's latest cd.
Hurray! Thank goodness. Now we have volume four to add to our collection.

You can't see it in the picture, but trust me they weren't lying when they said on the cover that it's an, "Instrumental Extravaganza."

An extravaganza people!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Where's Corey and Mo?

So travel week begins tomorrow. We'll be doing improv shows and workshops at various colleges and universities across the country as part of their Back-To-School festivities. We have been fortunate enough to get booked on several of these gigs. Yes, dad, they are paying gigs. Check out these itineraries:

Thurs 8/21: Drive to Indianapolis, do show for University of Indianapolis. Drive to Paducah, KY

Fri 8/22: Do show in Paducah for Western Kentucky University. Drive home to Chicago.

Sat 8/23: Drive to Ames, IA, do workshop at Iowa State.

Sun 8/24: Drive home from Ames, IA

Mon 8/25: Fly to Pittsburgh, PA. Do show for Chatham University.

Tues 8/26: Day Off

Wed 8/27: Do show near Pittsburgh for Clarion University.

Thurs 8/28: Fly home to Chicago.

Thurs 8/21: Fly to DC. Drive to Harrisonburg, VA. Do show for James Madison University.

Fri 8/22: Drive to Fayette, PA. Do show for Penn State - Eberly campus. Drive to
Shepherdstown, WV. Do show for Shepherd College.

Sat 8/23: Fly to Phoenix. Do show for Arizona State University.

Sun 8/24: Fly home to Chicago.

Mon 8/25: Fly to Nashville, TN. Do show for Belmont University.

Tues 8/26: Fly home to Chicago.

Whew! See you next week, Mo.

- Corey

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Staying busy

Things are staying busy around here. Both Corey and I are getting ready to do a lot of traveling. We leave next week for a week of college tours. We'll be in different cities, so basically we won't see each other much.

On Sunday we're shooting the last scene of a short film I wrote with help from Corey. Our friend Nick is filming it for us and has given us a lot of input and ideas on the script. He does tons of videos, so I'm confident mine will turn out great. I'm basically co-directing with him as I just want to learn as much as I can about everything from the best shots, editing etc, etc.

Briette and I joined a gym! We'll both good at motivating each other. I needed something new to keep it interesting and work out different muscles. We took a kick boxing class yesterday. I kicked a lot of imaginary ass. This morning we woke up bright and early and swam laps. I have a new respect for those Olympic athletes. That shit is hard. I am very sore.

Other than that it's been the same ol' same ol' with shows, wedding styling and writing.
And now for your viewing pleasure... more pictures from our Milwaukee trip

Monday, August 11, 2008

3rd Annual Milwaukee Sketch and Improv Festival

This past weekend was the 3rd Annual Milwaukee Sketch and Improv Festival, and as you probably know, our sketch group "The Union" was selected to perform. We were placed in the featured slot at the Thursday night show, performing last as the headliners for the night. We had a blast, the Milwaukee folks were wonderful hosts, and we feel really great about our performance. Basically every sketch hit, the crowd loved it, and apparently so did the critics. Check this out!

We stuck around for Friday's shows as well. We saw some old friend's shows, saw some new friend's shows, and performed in the late night Improv Jam. All in all, a really successful and fun weekend!

Thanks Milwaukee!

- Corey

Monday, August 04, 2008

Sun day

We were feeling bad about Molly (Briette's dog) being stuck in the house a lot this week while the three of us were super busy. So on Sunday, we took her to the dog beach.

Unfortunately the pictures are tiny because I took them on my cell phone. If you could see a full version you'd see the HUNDREDS of dogs. It was like the Dr. Seuss book, 'Go Dog Go!' It was hilarious to see dogs of all sizes having the time of their lives. And for the most part, they all got along great.

Though she was timid at first, she finally relaxed and became a true beach babe. She even got hit on a few times... OK humped by other dogs, but whatever.

The one thing she refused to do was go in the water. There were tons of dogs of all sizes leaping and bounding through the waves, but she wouldn't go anywhere near lake. Oh well, guess she's more of a laying around looking hot kind of chick.