Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Where's Corey and Mo?

So travel week begins tomorrow. We'll be doing improv shows and workshops at various colleges and universities across the country as part of their Back-To-School festivities. We have been fortunate enough to get booked on several of these gigs. Yes, dad, they are paying gigs. Check out these itineraries:

Thurs 8/21: Drive to Indianapolis, do show for University of Indianapolis. Drive to Paducah, KY

Fri 8/22: Do show in Paducah for Western Kentucky University. Drive home to Chicago.

Sat 8/23: Drive to Ames, IA, do workshop at Iowa State.

Sun 8/24: Drive home from Ames, IA

Mon 8/25: Fly to Pittsburgh, PA. Do show for Chatham University.

Tues 8/26: Day Off

Wed 8/27: Do show near Pittsburgh for Clarion University.

Thurs 8/28: Fly home to Chicago.

Thurs 8/21: Fly to DC. Drive to Harrisonburg, VA. Do show for James Madison University.

Fri 8/22: Drive to Fayette, PA. Do show for Penn State - Eberly campus. Drive to
Shepherdstown, WV. Do show for Shepherd College.

Sat 8/23: Fly to Phoenix. Do show for Arizona State University.

Sun 8/24: Fly home to Chicago.

Mon 8/25: Fly to Nashville, TN. Do show for Belmont University.

Tues 8/26: Fly home to Chicago.

Whew! See you next week, Mo.

- Corey

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CC said...

You're in my old stomping grounds, Mo. If only there was something cool in Da Burgh that I could direct you to...