Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Weirdo Cab Ride

We are at the airport now, heading home for Thanksgiving. Of course something weird happened, because something weird always happens when we travel (remember "Eww on Clark?").

This morning we had to get to the airport by 5:45am in order to deal with the travel craziness. In order to avoid leaving at 3:30 in the morning, we decided to take a cab. Our friend Vinnie also needed a ride, so we split the fare. The plan was to be picked up at 4:20am, pick him up around 4:30am and be on our way.

Issues right off the bat. First, the taxi was late. Of course it was. At least it was raining though, so that helped keep things running smoothly. Ever see the movie, "Men in Black"? I think the whole aliens disguised as humans ie; taxi drivers, is true. This dude was so weird. A) The car smelled like pot. Reassuring. B) He drove ridiculously slow. Really? Isn't a major plus supposed to be that these guys drive like maniacs, cutting in and out of traffic to help you get an edge? C) He rambled on and on about a letter-writing campaign he was heading up, championing the cause of the cabbie. Something about the system, the governor and the rights that were being taken away from the passengers as well as independent drivers. To prove a point on how much he rambled, I will now recreate the exchange in conversation we had... For sake of clarity, we will name the driver Carl.

Carl - "These partitians between the driver and passenger are not safe."

Corey - "Oh really"

Carl - "It's all a part of them taking away the rights of the people."

Mo - "So why was it installed in the first place?"

Carl - "So what?"

Mo - "Why was it..."

Carl - "I can't hear so well."

Mo - "Why was it..."

Carl (to Corey) - "I can't hear so well, what did she say"

(We go back and forth for 3 1/2 minutes before the conversation moves forward. All along we're trying to move on to our own conversation, but am constantly interrupted)

Carl - "Would you like a brief history on the systems they put in place?"

Corey - "Umm, well..."

Carl - "So I've been doing this since before Mayor Daly died. That's how long I've been doing this. And I.... ummm, what was I saying. Sorry, I got hit by a car 18 years ago and sometimes go in and out of rambling, I'll get off track but then once I get back on track boy do I get going!.... blah, blah, blah.... seatbelts..... I'm crazy.... no way to let them know if a passenger is being carjacked or is bleeding....letter writing.... the government....blah, blah."

Mo - "Oh, good! Vinnie's here." (thank God we can focus on something else)

This guy was nuts. We finally got to the airport on time, but not without being lectured on paying in cash and how he's putting together a, yes, you guessed it, letter writing campaign to take away credit card machines, because again it's not our fault, it's the government's.
Yikes! There goes your tip buddy.

See you all in KC soon!

- Mo and Corey

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Whirley Ball Strikes Again

Briette is in town again to help me with work so her husband Michael drove in town to spend the weekend with us before they head to KC for Thanksgiving.
To show Michael a great time in our awesome city, we had to play our favorite... Whirley Ball.

Seriously, it's so much fun. I actually made two shots! That's two more than I made last time.
Warning though for those who haven't played yet - Watch your knees. Instead of a wheel, you use a crank to steer the car. If you get bumped and of course you will and you knee is in the way, it hurts... bad. The pain is worth it though.

Monday, November 12, 2007

"Jesus loves Warner more than Kitna"

Hey everyone, check out Corey's latest article for Serious Sports News Network.



Sunday, November 11, 2007

Monday, November 05, 2007

My Fantasy League

With sports, mainly football being the constant obsession in our home, I'm constantly fighting for the attention of my husband. My competition are eight men. The eight starters in Corey's fantasy football league. And to make it worse, he's in three leagues, so really I'm competing against twenty-four men. Still, if Corey can have his fantasies, then so can I. So here now is my Fantasy Football League, fantasy of a different kind....

Tony Gonzalez: Team - Chiefs
Position in Mo's fantasy League - Captain/Tight End

Hines Ward:Team - Steelers
Mo's fantasy - Tight End

Ronde Barber: Team - Buckaneers
Mo's fantasy Position - In between the two!
(would have enjoyed a Ronde/Tiki Sandwhich, but Tiki no longer plays...sigh)

Matt Leinert : Team - Cardinals/
Position in Mo's fantasy League - that's right, Tight End

Jason Taylor: Team - Dophins
Mo's fantasy - such a nice Tight End

Will Demps : Team - Giant!(s)
Position in Mo's fantasy - Anywhere he wants

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Game time!

What is Corey known for?
Among many things 1. being hilarious and 2. being into sports.
Now he's getting a chance to combine the two.

Corey is now a contributing writer to The Most Serious Sports News Network Ever!

It's a website similar to The Onion = funny + news, only about sports. He's staying pretty humble about it. Partially because that's how Corey is and partially because the site is well... a little primitive. Apparently it's a work in progress, the site is a little messy and they update it too often. Still, Corey's work is in there and true to his form it's funny.

Usually they don't cite writers (again much like The Onion), however other times, like today's story, they did include his name. Again, it's a little weird and inconsistent. That means you may not automatically know which one is Corey's story, but hey it could be a fun game to figure it out. Feel free to send him or the blog your guesses on which article he wrote. There's also a place on the site itself where you can comment or ask about the author (hmm... lets get him some notice).

Feel free to link it from your blog and check it out from time to time. Hopefully if the site gets some popularity it can be improved.

If you're choosing to play, "Which One Did Corey Write?" here are some hints. He's written 3 stories so far, one per week. He usually submits his work on Wednesdays. Not on purpose, but his 3 articles so far have all involved baseball. Good luck!