Thursday, November 01, 2007

Game time!

What is Corey known for?
Among many things 1. being hilarious and 2. being into sports.
Now he's getting a chance to combine the two.

Corey is now a contributing writer to The Most Serious Sports News Network Ever!

It's a website similar to The Onion = funny + news, only about sports. He's staying pretty humble about it. Partially because that's how Corey is and partially because the site is well... a little primitive. Apparently it's a work in progress, the site is a little messy and they update it too often. Still, Corey's work is in there and true to his form it's funny.

Usually they don't cite writers (again much like The Onion), however other times, like today's story, they did include his name. Again, it's a little weird and inconsistent. That means you may not automatically know which one is Corey's story, but hey it could be a fun game to figure it out. Feel free to send him or the blog your guesses on which article he wrote. There's also a place on the site itself where you can comment or ask about the author (hmm... lets get him some notice).

Feel free to link it from your blog and check it out from time to time. Hopefully if the site gets some popularity it can be improved.

If you're choosing to play, "Which One Did Corey Write?" here are some hints. He's written 3 stories so far, one per week. He usually submits his work on Wednesdays. Not on purpose, but his 3 articles so far have all involved baseball. Good luck!



Steaming bowl o' Calderone said...

Make no mistake, some of us would recognize a Rittmaster work anywhere.

improvclown said...

Great article about Corey Patterson, I will definitely continue reading and try to figure out which one could be Corey's. However, most of them are all very funny and well written, so really it is a win win.