Monday, November 05, 2007

My Fantasy League

With sports, mainly football being the constant obsession in our home, I'm constantly fighting for the attention of my husband. My competition are eight men. The eight starters in Corey's fantasy football league. And to make it worse, he's in three leagues, so really I'm competing against twenty-four men. Still, if Corey can have his fantasies, then so can I. So here now is my Fantasy Football League, fantasy of a different kind....

Tony Gonzalez: Team - Chiefs
Position in Mo's fantasy League - Captain/Tight End

Hines Ward:Team - Steelers
Mo's fantasy - Tight End

Ronde Barber: Team - Buckaneers
Mo's fantasy Position - In between the two!
(would have enjoyed a Ronde/Tiki Sandwhich, but Tiki no longer plays...sigh)

Matt Leinert : Team - Cardinals/
Position in Mo's fantasy League - that's right, Tight End

Jason Taylor: Team - Dophins
Mo's fantasy - such a nice Tight End

Will Demps : Team - Giant!(s)
Position in Mo's fantasy - Anywhere he wants

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Molly said...

this my favorite blog so far.