Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summer Plans

We had a great time performing at Snubfest this weekend. Though we didn't win the contest, we were given great feedback from the audience and the judges. Three of the four judges have seen us perform in the past and all said that we have gotten better and loved our set!

It's finally summer (though it took a while for the weather to catch up) and we've got a lot planned, as usual. I'm continuing to stay busy with weddings, writing and auditions. Corey has been going on a lot of commercial auditions, which is just a matter of being persistent until something hits. Besides The Union projects, he's also been writing and rehearsing for another show. A friend is in the director's program at Second City. As their final project, they have to put up their own sketch show at the Second City's blackbox theater called Donny's Skybox. Corey is going to be a part of a three person original sketch revue that goes up in mid July! We'll post most details soon.

Once that gets up and running, Corey and I will go back to the drawing board. We were accepted into the Milwaukee Comedy Festival again this August. Plus, we'll be putting up a new show, because we got a five week run of our own at Donny's Skybox this September/October! On top of all that, we submitted one of our short videos to The Chicago Short Comedy Video and Film Festival and it will be featured in their festival/contest on July 24th. The competition part is not nearly as important as the excitement of just being accepted among some very talented filmmakers.

If this sounds exhausting, you're right, it is. To help with that, we're planning a mini-vacation to a winery and private beach in Michigan later in July. It'll be a lovely laid back time to rest after what is going to be a very fun and very busy summer.

Stay tuned for more details!

- Mo

Monday, June 22, 2009

The Union shows this week!

We are stronger than the snub!

The Union will be performing not once, but twice at Chicago's SnubFest this week!

First, check us out on Saturday 6/27 at 10pm for "The Last Snob Standing" contest. Your laughter can help us win the prize of getting into other festivals.

Then we're up again for a longer set on Sunday 6/28 at 8pm for our showcase.

The shows take place at the Chemically Imbalanced Comedy Theater, 1420 W. Irving Park and tickets are only $10 so there's no excuse to miss it!

-Corey and Mo