Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Introducing.... Monique Madrid Styling

My website is done and the brand has begun! Click above to check it out. With the help of my good friend Christian Carranza as web designer and new friend Kim Miracle as my designer, we've rolled out new business cards, postcards focused on promoting my headshot work, another set of postcards for weddings, also gift certificates, envelopes and letterhead.
This is considered phase 1, since we'll be working out some glitches and updating more pictures as I continue to build my portfolio.
Also check out my new myspace page http://www.myspace.com/moniquestyle . I'll be linking both to each other.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Buses and Bikes and Bears OH My!

Today we accomplished a long time goal. We rode our bikes to work.... well to Corey's work. The 7.3 miles each way wasn't the hardest part, it was doing it at 6:30am. In the end, we surprised ourselves. We left with an hour and a half, just in case and made the trip in 35 minutes. We'll definitely do it again, it was fun, good exercise, better for the earth, cheaper than driving or taking public transportation and it feels great when those endorphins kick in.

The only real complaint I have are the buses. Chicago bus drivers are notorious asses anyways, but you really have to watch out for them if you're biking. They're not courteous at all, they don't make any room on the road for anyone else. Still the worst part was the exhaust in our face. We finally just slowed down so that we wouldn't be directly behind them.

Speaking of bus drivers, how 'bout them Bears. Ok, that was a bad segue, but whatever. This year, second week of the season, the Chiefs play the Bears here at Soldier Field last season. What a perfect opportunity to buy tickets, right? Wrong!!!
In KC, the Chiefs tickets run anywhere from $55 to $135 (before scalper mark ups). Here in the big ass city, the Bears tickets range from $65 to $350. $350!!! Are you Kidding me? It doesn't matter anyways, we couldn't find tickets. Granted, it's the Bears opening game for a team that was in the Super Bowl, in a city much bigger than KC, at a stadium that's smaller than Arrowhead, but come on! No tickets at all? Boo Bears, boo!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Super Paper Fun!

We've added to the Wii family. Since Margo was so excited about kicking Corey's butt at the Wii, her Grandparents, our Aunt Judy and Uncle Lloyd gave us a special treat. She sent Super Paper Mario up to Chicago with Margo. Though we'll miss having Margo around, we can always play the game for her.

Seriously people, this game is sooooo much fun. It's just like the Mario you remember from when you were a kid, only....

BAM! You flip into a 3D world. This game has more twists and turns than...well I don't know, something twisty and turney (sorry I'm not on my A-game today). Mario has all sorts of super powers, like turning paper thin... hence the name.
The nostalgia alone is a blast, plus it's just really fun. Thanks again Aunt Judy and Uncle Lloyd!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

A night home with the kid

This week our little cousin Margo is in town visiting us and her Aunt Anne. She's 10, sassy and a blast. According to the email she sent her mom and Grandma, she's "having the time of her life!" It's really worked out well that I'm working from home, because I get to hang out with her during the day. And man, she just got here Tuesday and has already had a busy week.

* We saw the Cirque Shanghai at Navy Pier - Very Bendy!

* Her and Anne took a water taxi to Sears Tower for a tour

* She played on the Wii for the first time and kept her promise to "kick Corey's butt"

* They went to the Zoo - got to pet Sting Ray, see a dolphin show and butterfly exhibit!

* She's been spending the night with her Aunt, but since I didn't hang out with her today and Corey's out of town, we had a special girls night at my place. Just her and I! The Madrittmaster Spa includes for her a fabulous makeover, a Jacuzzi bath with candles and ridiculous overflowing bubbles while getting a face mask, movies and more.

* Still on the calendar, 2 movies, 2 outdoor concerts, a picnic, playing in Millennium Park, shopping downtown, High School Musical a pedicure and who knows what else. Anne is showing her the town and we're happy to tag along.

I'm sure her parents will be happy to know we've fed her nothing but healthy fruits and vegetables. They will be very happy to know that she's been on her best behavior.
Hopefully we'll get a chance to do this with our niece someday (hint hint Aaron, Miriam, Matt and Sarah)

- Mo

Friday, July 06, 2007

An Open Letter To The Loud Guy On The Train This Morning

Dear Loud Guy -

Thank you for ruining my morning.

Let me make one thing clear: as you repeatedly stated in decibels unnecessarily high for the enclosed El car we shared today, you do have every right to speak your mind out loud. I'm not going to argue that. You have the right to do so. Why, however, did you feel it necessary to? No one was hassling you, no one was infringing upon your rights. You simply took your riding companion's simple request to "please don't speak so loud" as an affront to your civil liberties. It wasn't. It was simply a request. But thank you for taking the next 20 minutes of my non-stop ride from Belmont to Howard from me for your ignorant and highly audible rant.

I just wanted to read my book. The rest of the passengers just wanted to ride to work or school and retain those last few moments of relative serenity before starting their hectic lives. But no. You're clearly the most important person in the world, and what you want to do trumps what everyone else wants to do. But, Mr. Obtrusive, just because you can do something, doesn't mean you have to do that something. I can ram my pen into your neck. I have the physical capability to do so. I chose not to, however, much to the chagrin of every other rider on that train. You could have realized that it was 7:15am and people really weren't awake yet, but you chose to ignore that fact for your selfish and stupid eardrum-collapsing diatribe to no one in particular, lasting the entirety of my ride. Your friend riding with you was not laughing with you, loud sir. She was laughing in uncomfortable embarrassment of you.

Again, no one was "trying to keep you in shackles", as you stated several times, in emphatic fashion. And no, you are not "like Jesse Jackson, like Louis Farrakhan, like Martin Luther King" just because you want to yammer on loudly on the train, no matter how many times you invoke their names, in an especially vociferate manner.

So to recap, you are within your rights to speak your mind. But as I said to you when I exited the train, you are "an ignorant loudmouth jackass" for opting to do so in such a deafening way during my morning commute.

Up yours,


Thursday, July 05, 2007

My first week

Almost a week has gone by of me working for myself.
Let's recap my to do list as owner and operator of "Monique's Boutique"(not actual name).

* Sleep till 10:50am - Check
* Ride bike for 12+ miles for at least two days - Check
* Go to the farmers market for fresh veggies and pie - Check
* Drop off and/or picked up Corey's lazy ass from work - Check
* Take a nap on the couch - Check
* Straighten up the house - uhh....sure, check

Notice there was no actual hair being done.

Actually now that my "vacation" time is over and we enjoyed a nice relaxed 4th, I'm actually going to get to work.