Thursday, July 12, 2007

A night home with the kid

This week our little cousin Margo is in town visiting us and her Aunt Anne. She's 10, sassy and a blast. According to the email she sent her mom and Grandma, she's "having the time of her life!" It's really worked out well that I'm working from home, because I get to hang out with her during the day. And man, she just got here Tuesday and has already had a busy week.

* We saw the Cirque Shanghai at Navy Pier - Very Bendy!

* Her and Anne took a water taxi to Sears Tower for a tour

* She played on the Wii for the first time and kept her promise to "kick Corey's butt"

* They went to the Zoo - got to pet Sting Ray, see a dolphin show and butterfly exhibit!

* She's been spending the night with her Aunt, but since I didn't hang out with her today and Corey's out of town, we had a special girls night at my place. Just her and I! The Madrittmaster Spa includes for her a fabulous makeover, a Jacuzzi bath with candles and ridiculous overflowing bubbles while getting a face mask, movies and more.

* Still on the calendar, 2 movies, 2 outdoor concerts, a picnic, playing in Millennium Park, shopping downtown, High School Musical a pedicure and who knows what else. Anne is showing her the town and we're happy to tag along.

I'm sure her parents will be happy to know we've fed her nothing but healthy fruits and vegetables. They will be very happy to know that she's been on her best behavior.
Hopefully we'll get a chance to do this with our niece someday (hint hint Aaron, Miriam, Matt and Sarah)

- Mo


Steaming bowl o' Calderone said...

I can't wait for my turn at the Madrittmaster spa!

AJRitz said...

How far in advance can we make reservations? We want dibs on the week of May 24th, 2013 (our anniversary weekend when Mikaela is 10 years old). ;)

Molly said...

i know for a fact corey would beat me at wii tennis. i have yet to win a game against anyone but the wii itself. sad.

Anonymous said...

What a place - the House of Rittmaster is first rate; and the customer gets to spend the night, followed, I assume, by breakfast served with a side viewing of Hannah Montana? You guys are the best.

Margo's Grandma