Thursday, July 19, 2007

Super Paper Fun!

We've added to the Wii family. Since Margo was so excited about kicking Corey's butt at the Wii, her Grandparents, our Aunt Judy and Uncle Lloyd gave us a special treat. She sent Super Paper Mario up to Chicago with Margo. Though we'll miss having Margo around, we can always play the game for her.

Seriously people, this game is sooooo much fun. It's just like the Mario you remember from when you were a kid, only....

BAM! You flip into a 3D world. This game has more twists and turns than...well I don't know, something twisty and turney (sorry I'm not on my A-game today). Mario has all sorts of super powers, like turning paper thin... hence the name.
The nostalgia alone is a blast, plus it's just really fun. Thanks again Aunt Judy and Uncle Lloyd!

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