Saturday, January 26, 2008

Corey and Monique: LIVE!

Last night we previewed parts of our sketch show. Though we were pretty confident in our material, it can be really vulnerable to put up work that you wrote, rewrote, rehearsed etc. It's not like an improv show where you are making it up as you go. You deemed this material to be good enough to put up in front of an audience and now it will be judged. The night before I dreamed that I couldn't remember a single line and had to keep reassuring myself that there had to be at least some laughs, it wouldn't an entire show of awkward silence. Needless to say, we were a bit nervous.

The Playground was packed. Besides other performers, few were there to see us. We had kept the invites pretty minimal. This was a true test of how an audience would react.

The show was GREAT! We had one sketch in particular that we weren't even sure if it was funny. We knew each of the others were pretty strong but this was was a test drive. It was funny the first time we improvised it, but then we deconstructed it, rewrote it, changed it, rehearsed and rehearsed it and by the end couldn't remember what had made us laugh about it in the first place. Corey flat out hated it. Still, we gave it a shot and it got a lot of laughs. Definitely a keeper. The only thing I would've changed last night were some minor tweaks here and there with our performance and that will only get stronger as we do it more.

Hopefully we'll have a run in the spring. Enjoy some pictures from the show...

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Worst morning ever

This morning I headed out into the cold all bundled up. I didn't want to leave the house, but I had a doctor's appointment. It took me a month to get that appointment.

I knew the car was low on gas and was debating on whether to fill up before or after the appointment. Once I got in, the gas light came on, so I no choice but to gas up right away.

Let me take this moment to remind you how cold it is in Chicago. According to, it's 10 degrees here, but feels like - 5. According to me, it feels like a 40 below. It's so damn cold here. Still, I figured I'll just quickly get the gas and get back in my car and get the heat blasting. The car didn't have a chance to warm up on the way to the station.

And so begins the drama. The gas tank door wouldn't open! I tried everything! A couple of men even tried helping me. At one point we used a screw driver and a knife to jimmy open the door. Nothing. At this point, my toes were starting to hurt because it's so cold. I went inside to ask for some de-icer and of course they didn't have any.

At this point I'm almost in tears from the cold, I missed my doctor's appointment and now have to drive to another gas station in hopes that they'll be able to help me. That and hope not to run out of gas completely.

At the second gas station, I again got help, but this time I also got a lecture from the attendant. I think he was trying to be funny, but the more he said, "well this wouldn't have happened if you got your gas here instead of somewhere else" the more frustrated I became. Jackass! I don't care. Just help me here. I don't know if it was just the de-icer that helped because they also had me open the trunk so they could hook up a cable that had apparently frozen or come undone. Then as I filled up my take he started lecturing me on needing tires. Eff you dude. Leave me alone! I'm cold! And now I have a warped gas tank door!

I jump back in the car to get home as fast as I can to warm up. Then I got stuck behind a funeral procession, further delaying me getting home and warm. AHHH! I have the worst luck ever. Someone died?! Thanks a lot dude.

Finally I'm now safely in my home wearing double socks and a blanket and I'm filled with warm oatmeal and hot tea. Father Winter, you're a dick. A real cold dick.

- Mo

Thursday, January 17, 2008

5 years!

This day in history, five years ago is the day that Corey and I went on our first date. A date that pretty much never ended. Best decision ever!

Time flies by when you're happy. Ok, stop gagging... sorry. Seriously though, I can't believe it's been five years. Through the ups and downs (mostly ups) we've done so much...

Moved to Chicago, took classes from some of the best improvisers in the country, gotten engaged, then married, performed together, traveled together, bought a condo, went on a cruise, paid off a crapload of debt (just this month!), flew in a hot air balloon, worked together so I could quit my job (hopefully Corey's next), went through more hair colors than I can remember, wrote our own show, constantly laughed together... and we have so much more planned.

I'm not usually one to celebrate every "anniversary" but this one seemed like it was worth mentioning.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


We just found out that we'll be previewing our 2 person sketch show next Friday the 25th, 10pm at the Playground theater. This is part of their series called, "Grafitti." It gives performers a chance to work out their sketch show in front of an audience while it's a work in progress.

Yikes! This is really happening.

It won't be the whole show, just a 20-25min chunk. Come check it out if you're around. Help us figure out if this thing we wrote is funny.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

New Serious Sports News Network Article Is Up

I've got a new article posted over at Serious Sports News Network. Since you never know when they'll update the site and my story gets buried, here's a link directly to it:

My Article

I'm letting you know about this article for several reasons. It's part shameless self-promotion, but more so it's my attempt to move Monique's last post, particularly the disgusting picture, out of my line of sight when viewing this here blog.


- Corey


My head is going to explode! Ugghh. I hate being sick. It's either from the change in weather or the lack of sleep lately...lots of insomnia. Either way, the congestion is pretty miserable.
I would blog more, but I need to clean up the brain matter off my computer.

- Mo

Friday, January 04, 2008


It's January in Chicago (and in other cities I suppose). That means it's time for The Chicago Sketchfest.

We got too late of a start on writing our own show, but we hope to be a part of the festival next year. If you can't make it out here, check out a video or two from Hey you Millionaires.
They are one of us the most talked about sketch groups out here right now. Unfortunately we missed their show last night.
Fortunately it was because we were watching KU win the Orange Bowl!

Cute Puppy Helps with Laundry (And why won't Corey let me get my own puppy?)

The Support Group

Catching The Gay

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Holiday Pictures

I finally downloaded my holiday pictures.
This year's Christnukka theme was "fancy."

Nothing says fancy like steak and shrimp!

And of course for any special occasion, you must have Guitar Hero.Pete and Kristine are very serious.

Put not as serious as Ali and Mo are about throwin' down tunes
Even first time player, Anne rocked out.

With this amazing display of star quality, Collin and Corey should start their own band.

Ladies and Gentlemen, your Chicago Comedy Company performers, back stage on New Years Eve.
Apparently Corey didn't realize we were going to take a picture.

I like to call this pictures, "Artistic Comedy"

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy 2008!

Happy New Years!

We spent last night performing at Chicago Comedy Company. It was a blast, reminded me of the New Years shows as Comedy City. Except that this time Corey didn't take his pants off (long story).

We started the new year off right by sleeping on and off all day, watching football and being as lazy as humanly possible. In fact I can't believe I'm writing this blog. It's the most active I've been all day.

(too lazy to finish my name)