Monday, July 23, 2007

Buses and Bikes and Bears OH My!

Today we accomplished a long time goal. We rode our bikes to work.... well to Corey's work. The 7.3 miles each way wasn't the hardest part, it was doing it at 6:30am. In the end, we surprised ourselves. We left with an hour and a half, just in case and made the trip in 35 minutes. We'll definitely do it again, it was fun, good exercise, better for the earth, cheaper than driving or taking public transportation and it feels great when those endorphins kick in.

The only real complaint I have are the buses. Chicago bus drivers are notorious asses anyways, but you really have to watch out for them if you're biking. They're not courteous at all, they don't make any room on the road for anyone else. Still the worst part was the exhaust in our face. We finally just slowed down so that we wouldn't be directly behind them.

Speaking of bus drivers, how 'bout them Bears. Ok, that was a bad segue, but whatever. This year, second week of the season, the Chiefs play the Bears here at Soldier Field last season. What a perfect opportunity to buy tickets, right? Wrong!!!
In KC, the Chiefs tickets run anywhere from $55 to $135 (before scalper mark ups). Here in the big ass city, the Bears tickets range from $65 to $350. $350!!! Are you Kidding me? It doesn't matter anyways, we couldn't find tickets. Granted, it's the Bears opening game for a team that was in the Super Bowl, in a city much bigger than KC, at a stadium that's smaller than Arrowhead, but come on! No tickets at all? Boo Bears, boo!


Anonymous said...

Speaking of teams...this letter was in the KC Star yesterday. Personally, I think it's one of the dumbest ideas I've ever heard.

"Kansas City and Oklahoma City have a lot in common. Both are feverishly attempting to lure an NBA or NHL franchise to arenas without current tenants. But questions loom about the ability of either city to financially support such an endeavor for a prolonged period. The solution: Join them.

The two cities should share a franchise that splits time for home games. All of the particulars can be hammered out later, but it’s the unique, regional nature of this proposal that could work out for everyone. This single team will draw support from three states. A limited home schedule will keep interest high — seats filled in the host city and TVs on in the other.

Name choices are endless: I like High Plains Drifters, or OKKC Pioneers.

The last thing either city needs is another pro team that heads out of town after a few seasons.

Clint Hooker, Westwood, KS"

Corey said...

Clint is a moron.

We tried it already. The Sacramento Kings were once the Kansas City Kings. Prior to that they were the Kansas City-Omaha Kings. That worked out real well. But all that is not why I call Clint Hooker a moron.

The "High Plains Drifters"?

Steaming bowl o' Calderone said...

Worst. Idea. Ever.