Monday, August 11, 2008

3rd Annual Milwaukee Sketch and Improv Festival

This past weekend was the 3rd Annual Milwaukee Sketch and Improv Festival, and as you probably know, our sketch group "The Union" was selected to perform. We were placed in the featured slot at the Thursday night show, performing last as the headliners for the night. We had a blast, the Milwaukee folks were wonderful hosts, and we feel really great about our performance. Basically every sketch hit, the crowd loved it, and apparently so did the critics. Check this out!

We stuck around for Friday's shows as well. We saw some old friend's shows, saw some new friend's shows, and performed in the late night Improv Jam. All in all, a really successful and fun weekend!

Thanks Milwaukee!

- Corey


Colin M. said...

Nice work! Awesome review!

You wouldn't, by chance, have a Chicago performance next week, would you? Aug 20-23? eh? EH?!?

corey said...

no, man, i wish. mo and i will both be doing road shows for the LOL Theater at numerous colleges and universities across this great land of ours.

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous review. Congrats! I just want to pinch your cute little cheeks.

Nathan Melcher said...

Corey and Monique,

It was wonderful meeting you at the festival. Have fun in KC next weekend and please let me know when you're in Minneapolis - you have a place to stay!