Monday, August 04, 2008

Sun day

We were feeling bad about Molly (Briette's dog) being stuck in the house a lot this week while the three of us were super busy. So on Sunday, we took her to the dog beach.

Unfortunately the pictures are tiny because I took them on my cell phone. If you could see a full version you'd see the HUNDREDS of dogs. It was like the Dr. Seuss book, 'Go Dog Go!' It was hilarious to see dogs of all sizes having the time of their lives. And for the most part, they all got along great.

Though she was timid at first, she finally relaxed and became a true beach babe. She even got hit on a few times... OK humped by other dogs, but whatever.

The one thing she refused to do was go in the water. There were tons of dogs of all sizes leaping and bounding through the waves, but she wouldn't go anywhere near lake. Oh well, guess she's more of a laying around looking hot kind of chick.


Steaming bowl o' Calderone said...

So has Molly's presence made you want to have your own dog more or less?

Mo said...

Actually, it's been the perfect balance. We get to have the benefits of a dog without all the responsibility of a dog...even though I take her out too.

I have to admit that Corey was right, we're too busy for our own dog.She's getting super spoiled since we were deprived for so long. It's great!

"corey was right" said...

yes! there it is in black and white! saved for all of eternity! i win!