Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Forecast Calls For A Severe "Psych"

I feel like I've been punched in the gut.

It's my final week at this job. It's hard enough to be motivated to come into work. Add to that temperatures in the teens. Additionally, it's snowing. And has been snowing since last night. Here's how my morning went:

6:45 am - Walk out the door. It's cold, and still snowing. The walk to the train is a filthy trek through nasty slush. Lovely way to start the day.

7:00 am - Standing at the Western platform, thinking to self, "You can do it, only 4 more days."

7:45 am - Arrive at Davis stop in Evanston. Head down to the street. Am not hit by a bus...but only barely.

7:55 am - Walk into the lobby of the building where I work. Several co-workers are there, awaiting elevator. We're told there's a power outage in the building, and only one elevator is working.

8:15 am - One (of three) working elevators has not arrived. Decide to join two co-workers in walking up to our office. On the 9th floor.

8:17 am (approx.) - It's only the 5th floor? Regretting decision.

8:20 am (approx.) - Arrive at 9th floor. Hang up coat. Hear the "ding" sound of the elevator arriving at our floor.

8:25 am - Office manager explains to staff that we have only auxiliary power. Lights are on, but no computers, no phones, no restrooms, etc. He asks us to hang tight while they figure out what's going to happen.

8:35 am - Complete today's sudoku puzzle in the RedEye.

8:45 am - Office manager assembles everyone again. Explains that we have to wait until 9:30 to make a decision. If we still have no power at 9:30, they're shutting down and sending everyone home. If we get power before then, we can be operational by 10:00 and they feel that's worthwhile for a day's work. Reasonable, I guess. Annoying? Certainly.

9:15 am - The countdown has begun. Some around the office are whispering about plans for the day, some are openly humming "The Final Countdown". Ironically the title of the previous post here.

9:27 am - The power comes on. Let me pause now and let that sink in. NINE EFFING TWENTY-SEVEN.

Words cannot fully describe the feelings right now.

- Corey

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