Thursday, October 11, 2007

Road Trip!

Sorry for the sporadic posting lately. Busy times, y'all, busy times. That's a lousy excuse, I know. "We're all busy, Corey. We make time to come view your little page, the least you could do is write something new." Wow. I didn't realize you were so passionate about it. I'm sorry. Here's some new stuff now. And quit whining, it's kind of off-putting.

Ohio! Monique and I, along with the lovely and talented Sarah R. and Freddie S. took a roadtrip for the CCC to do a show in Mansfield, Ohio on Tuesday. We actually drove to Mansfield Monday night, got up and did the show on Tuesday afternoon, and then drove straight back to Chicago.

Mo, Sarah and Freddie picked me up Monday after work in Evanston in our sweet rental PT Cruiser to head out of town. We promptly drove 2 blocks and then stopped to eat dinner. After some decent Bar Louie grub, we then hit the road in earnest. Traffic in Chicago being what it is, it took a little while to get out of town. Either due to construction or us just not paying attention, we missed one of our turn-offs (which is not a turn-on, zing!) and it took us a little while to get back on track. On the plus side, we all saw much more of the south side of Chicago than any of us had previously.

Directions rectified, we were off and running. For what seemed like forever. Across Indiana, into Ohio, with stops for bathrooms, gas, food, etc. all in all a 5.5 hr drive turned into something like 9. Exhausted, we crashed hard at the lovely Mansfield Fairfield Inn. The good news is, according to Mo, they had the best continental breakfast ever! And she's a huge fan of continental breakfasts. A nice older lady was running things, making sure everything was stocked, cleaned, coffee was made, and griping about the new toaster which isn't as good as the old toaster even though it's brand new. She even made me a waffle. And not some stupid toaster Eggo frozen crap. Made from batter on a waffle iron. Nice.

The show was at THE Ohio State University - Mansfield campus. A quaint little satellite campus for the main institution located about an hour away. They hold a monthly Tuesday afternoon event where they host some deal in their Student Union, give the students free pizza and pop from12-1 and they get a turnout of like 200. Also, the show was great. We all had moments where we shined, and best of all the crowd loved it. I even knocked down the faux brick wall backdrop they had set up on the stage for us. Because everything is funnier in front of pretend bricks. It was an accident, but we played it off nicely and everyone enjoyed a few laughs. No harm done.

The trip back was pretty smooth. There were many road jokes, lots of fun stories, too much junk food and fast food and some sweet iPod magic to keep us entertained. Freddie's 80's slow jam mix was tremendous on so many levels. And as much as being in the car is just uncomfortable for that long of a period of time, this was all in all a really fun road trip. It was a great group to travel with, and we have decided to stake our claim as the official CCC Touring Company. We'll see if that sticks.


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Sarah Dare said...

Tag team blogging! Yet another perk of being married! I have really got to do that. Our trip shall always be the moment I learned what true sharing is all about. Do you own it yet?