Monday, January 29, 2007

Final Cruise Thoughts 1

Ok, last post about it and then we'll be back to normal life.

We've pretty much covered the basics of ours and any cruise - the ports and the food. The last part is sort of a catch-all.

Every night after dinner when we went back to our room, there were two things waiting for us. 1. The itinerary for the next day, whether it be port info or an "at sea" day and 2. A fun towel animal created by your room steward.
Finally! I got a dog. I will name him Gary.

I asked the room steward for multiple animals because I wanted to have a parade, but he never did. Still I got new ones almost every night!

Oops. Lost a head.

Don't club that seal, Corey!

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JoRae said...

Haha! Gary, I remember you told me about that. I promise I won't steal that name when a get a real (non-towel) dog.