Tuesday, January 16, 2007

...And We're back!

We're home and I just don't understand what this white stuff on the ground is. It doesn't feel good between my toes, it's not warm or have a salty body of water rushing over it. No, it's freezing and wet and icky. The only thing good about coming back to cold snow is that our godlike bronzed bodies are the envy of everyone.

We had a blast on our cruise. Hands down the best vacation either of us have ever taken. I'm sorry we don't have more pictures up yet, don't worry, we'll get more up through out the week. We have over 300 of them to wade through, so it takes some time.

So what did we do? Well, besides eating like kings non-stop, we also snorkled, swam with stingrays (thanks for the advice everyone - it was amazing), parasailed over a nude beach, shopped, haggled and bought a 5, yes, 5 carat sapphire pendant necklace. We relaxed in some of the most gorgeous scenery with the bluest waters you've ever laid eyes upon. We met some really great people. We were with a group of about 25 in all. I knew about 10 or so from when I was a kid, but only Anna, my best friend, very close. Anna lives with 5 other girls, so for most of the trip it was us 6 girls and Corey. He was a total stud. The girls were SOOO much fun. They made something as simple as dinner a blast. We've definately made some lifetime friends. And we'll definately be going on another cruise with them in the future.

Now we're just settling back into real life. I'll be honest, it's rough. I was heading over to the copy machine this morning at work and couldn't find the 24 hour soft serve ice cream maker. Boo.



Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. When you get back, there is no waiter bringing you deserts. You have to eat off sytrofoam, with plastic. No mints or towel animals in your bed. The real world sucks after a cruise.

Glad you had a good time, and also that you liked the stingrays. We still talk about that experience.

Steaming bowl o' Calderone said...

Perhaps it's time you organized that improvisers cruise. Maybe do a show a night and then you're done.

Mo said...

We had talked about doing a Vegas trip for our 30th and 40th birthdays since they're the same year (4 yrs away) with all our close friends invited. Now we're thinking a cruise would be even better.

Anonymous said...

May I recommend


Who knows, perhaps I'll be able to get a discount in the future!

Momskie said...

You're such a good writer!

Jared said...

This may be an idiot question, but i have to ask...Does the cruiseliner rock at all or is it too big to tell?

corey said...

it's not constant, but there are definitely times that you feel it. there is more movement at night, when they're going faster. and it moves more the higher up in the ship you go, too. however, you get accustomed to it so by the last night when it was moving as much as any other, i didn't feel seasick. you just couldn't walk straight sometimes.

dennis from kansas city said...

Did you meet any manatees, and if so, were they horny?