Thursday, January 04, 2007

Our life is so hard

We've come across a very difficult decision in our life. If you know us well, you know that we don't do well with making decisions. We leave for Florida tomorrow. As we're finalizing everything, we have to start making decisions about such things as which excusions to book. They strongly encourage you to book anything that's a 'must do' ahead of time to make sure it doesn't fill up. So, which do we do? Swim with the stingray, which includes snorkeling. Or a dolphin encounter, which is not an official 'swim with the dolphin' activity, but is still freakin' dolphins. In either choice we'd get to feed and pet them, though I think the dolphin one is more expensive and in more of a pool or even just a platform type environment versus in an open cove like the stingray would be, but it's still freakin' dolphins. Anyone had experience with either? I think we're leaning towards the stingray. Seriously, what a rough life.


Anonymous said...

would vote for the stingray encounter. Granted, I am a SCUBA diver and love the water, but if you're going to the ocean - go into the ocean. The snorkeling will be amazing, the visibility and ocean life will be breathtaking and most likely the stingrays are so familiar with having people there that once you get in the water you will be surrounded by them begging you for food (And I think their faces are just about as cute as a dog's).

That's my two cents worth. Have fun!

Steaming bowl o' Calderone said...

If the dolphin encounter is in the ocean, that's the one to do. If it's in the pool, then I agree with Tracy. I'm also a SCUBA diver and can attest that if you have the chance to experience marine life in their natural habitat, that's an amazing event.

Anonymous said...

If this is in Grand Cayman, go to Stingray City. It's amazing to be out that far in the ocean, on a reef, and have the wild stingrays swimming around you. They are so tame, and used to people. They will swim around, brush up against you, turn over so you can pet their tummys, and even eat squid out of your hand.

Here is a photo from our trip

Enjoy. I'm Jealous!

dennis from kansas city said...

First time commenter...long time reader.

Tough decision. We all know what happened to Steve Irwin (although with no video, I'm not so sure he's not just running from the tax man or organized crime). On the flip side, a dolphin did sexually assault Hank Hill.

Hope this helped.

Oh, and like randman, I'm not only jealous, but have a tinge of bitterness working, too. Doesn't show, does it?

Anonymous said...

A) Either these will actually be rays, not stingrays, or their stingers will be clipped.
2) Randy, I couldn't get the link to work, but would love to see the photo. Can you try again?

Anonymous said...

Actually, Tracy, these are wild stingrays. They are in the middle of the ocean, on a reef called "Stingray City". They are not in captivity. Fishermen used to clean their catches near that reef, and the stingrays got very used to people. Then, the tourists came, and now, they are very gentle and unafraid. About the only time anyone gets stung is if they step on one.

I'll post the photo on my blog, Tracy.