Monday, February 05, 2007

Super Monday

It is actually negative degrees here in Chicago. It is less than 0 degrees! WTF?! This is crazy, some forecastors say it's even as low as -9, the lowest temperatures in 11 years and that's before the wind chill factor. It definately feels like it as I am bundled up in long underwear, my heaviest sweater, earmuffs, multiple pairs of gloves and a quick hussle in my step to get me out of the cold as quick as possible. It's times like these that I miss Kansas City a little. It gets almost as cold, but the nice thing is you can run out to the car, warm it up and then hop in and stay out of the elements, you don't have to walk four blocks to the El or another four to your office. At least I don't have to scrape my windows before work.

It's not all bad this morning. At least we don't have to walk into an office of overly cheery Bears fans. As Corey says, if I have to be a miserable football fan, everyone else around me should be too. We watched the game last night at some friends' house. It was a nice mixture of people. No one being a ridiculous fanatic. Mostly just eating and laughing at the (none too impressive)commercials.

- Mo

OK, so Corey here now. I wanted to add this hilarious little story for your reading pleasure. So I get an IM from Mo this morning with a question. She's talking to her sister Briette, and Brie wants to know why the crowd was booing one of the Bears players every time he made a play or his name was announced. The player is Muhsin Muhammed, one of the Bears receivers. She was concerned that maybe he had done something bad in the offseason, or worse yet, it was some kind of anti-Muslim or anti-Arab sentiment because of his last name. I had to reassure her, that no, they weren't saying "booooo". His first name is pronounced "moos-een". They were actually saying "mooooooose", his nickname.

Another quick football note for my KC friends: the Chiefs will play at the Bears next season. Obviously I'm going. The date hasn't been announced yet, but I'll most likely define my life's schedule around it once I know. I'll keep you posted, but as soon as we know the exact date of this game, know that you're invited to come up to Chicago that weekend to join me. The more of us in red at Soldier Field the better.

- Corey


Steaming bowl o' Calderone said...

I'm in! I call dibs on the spare bedroom. Ha, suck it people.

Anonymous said...

I get questioned on a surprisingly frequest basis way Sooner Rufus Alexander gets booed every time he makes a good play....