Thursday, February 22, 2007

Word to the wise...

If you're watching porn, make sure the volume isn't up too loud.

CNN: Sword seized after man mistakes porn for rape

Story Highlights• James Van Iveren says he feels "stupid" after breaking into neighbor's apartment
• Neighbor says Van Iveren held him at sword-point, demanding proof he was alone
• Neighbor says he played part of the pornographic movie for police
• Van Iveren charged with criminal trespass, criminal damage, disorderly conduct

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At least the guys intentions were good. I personally am not a porn watcher, but I thought it was mostly "ooohs, ohhhs" and "yes! yes! yes!" Sounds like the neighbor was watching something pretty violent. I guess to each his own, but was the porn of a woman being raped? Craziness.
It's like this whole story is one gigantic porno. Guy hears someone being raped upstairs, comes to the rescue, whips out his big sword, the police arrive and they all watch the pornographic movie together and.... well you can imagine where this goes. I'm sure at some point a dude stopped in to fix the copy machine, and another showed up to deliver a pizza.

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