Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I Want My MTV!

We found out this weekend that Comcast won't be able to hook up our cable until at least the end of July. End of July? That's ridickle-dackle! Given their track record on timeliness and promise keeping, this means we can safely estimate that we'll be able to watch TV just in time for "A Charlie Brown Christmas."

We could read, but all that the gossip magazines talk about is what's going on in the entertainment world which I've been deprived of for over 2 weeks now. I could try a book or newspapers, but too many words. We could play a game, but come on isn't that what we're already doing in this thing called marriage? We could go outside and enjoy the sunshine, but I try to reserve that strictly for when I'm forced to, such as walking to the El for work or when I lock myself out of the house.

Now we're stuck TALKING to each other. Ugghhh. I didn't plan on doing that until we were in our 80's and the conversation would be centered around stool-softeners, the rising price of bread and "those damn neighborhood kids!"

Comcast can suck it.


Steaming bowl o' Calderone said...

Um, hello? Internet?

Corey said...

yeah, but there's only so much porn Monique can take. In the meantime, I'm working on seeing how difficult roof access is going to be at the new condo. I want to get Dish network hooked up. Then I want to call Comcast and tell them that they are a bag of dicks. Then I want to take a dump on my Comcast DVR before I return it.

Mo said...

That's right babe! You get some use out of those Chipotle craps!

Mo said...

And I'm talking about Comcast, not the porn.