Saturday, June 10, 2006

Happy Birthday Emily!

Though her b-day isn't technically until later this week, the celebration was Saturday. Karaokee at The Brickhouse! Man, I do a mean rendition of "Hello" by Lionel Richie, complete with choreography.
Aww, Em as you turn 23, your wisdom and maturity continues to blossom. Take for example the other night. Emily, Amy and I had girls night. I was coloring their hair when we decided that we NEEDED some wine. Since I was still working on Amy's hair, Em was elected to make the wine run/bike. She didn't want to embarrass herself by going to the store with foil in her hair, so she figured this look with a towel would be better. The Curious George bookbag was so she'd have something to carry the wine back in. It's the only bookbag I had around (that's not true I have another more normal bag, but don't tell her... this was funnier). The best part was her trying to explain to the barely English speaking clerk at the liquor store that she didn't have cancer. "I'm dyeing my hair."... "Oh - you die - you have cancer?"... "No, it's hair dye! Hair dye!"


Anonymous said...

you can see a full inch of butt crack in that last photo. nice.

Mo said...

No you can't. It's a shadow. I double checked.

Wouldn't that be a horrible b-day wish from me.
"Happy Birthday Em, now here's your butt crack for the world to see!"