Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Stopping to smell the roses

Aunt Judy is in town for a quick visit, so we went to the Chicago Botanical Gardens.
If you haven't gone, get there. Appreciate some damn beauty for once, geez!
Not all the plants were in bloom, but it was still really nice. We especially enjoyed the tour we took on a tram. This is not because it was necessarily a good tour, but because the tour guide was hilarious. Edel or Erdwin or whatever his strange name was did his best, but man it was funny. He was an older fella who clearly enjoyed his job, but man did he talk slow. The tram ride was a bit of an adventure too as he'd get distracted and we all worried that he'd drive right into the pond. Aunt Judy and Anne about lost it when he talked about the cooking demonstrations they have in their fruit and vegetable garden. Apparently the local guest chefs create small plates, or "Topos" as he pronounced Toe-Poes (tapas) for the audience to enjoy.
It was a perfect day to be outside and enjoy the outdoors in a way not typical of the city.

We've decided to take more advantage of having flexible schedules so this summer, our goal is to see more of all the cool stuff Chicago has to offer. Hopefully we'll enjoy more museums, the beach, festivals and definitely go back to the Botanical Garden, soak in some culture. Lord knows we could use it.

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