Thursday, May 29, 2008

A happy day for me

Sorry for the gap between posts. It's been busy here, to say the least. The revolving door on the Hotel Madrittmaster has been spinning extra lately. Lots of friends and family staying with us, plus doing a ton of work at the LOL Theater getting it ready for the Grand Re-Opening party in June. Not to mention the various shows and rehearsals we're doing, it's been pretty hectic.

However, to continue the theme Mo started with the previous post, I had to post about my plans this evening. While Monique had her memory of Darryl Hall crushed, I will be reliving my youth by attending a show by the Kids In The Hall tonight! See the weird synchronicity? Hall...Hall? Whoa. I know.
The Kids In The Hall were my all-time favorite sketch comedy group. They were who inspired me to want to do sketch comedy in the first place. The idea that we were doing something kind of like KITH is what simmered in the back of my mind when four friends of mine and I started writing and performing our own material as the group Der Monkenpickle back in the 90's.

My friend Jeff called and said he was coming to town to see the show, and that he had an extra ticket. Before he could even finish the sentence, I told him I was in. I know that just like Darryl Hall, the Kids are older, probably a little slower, and probably also can't hit the same high notes, but I'm not worried. Jokes that work are jokes that work. I can't wait.

- Corey


Steaming bowl o' Calderone said...

Well? How was it?

corey said...

It was awesome. All new material. Some favorite characters in new scenes. Just a great show, top to bottom. Everything hit.