Saturday, May 17, 2008

Des Moines

Hello from Iowa! I'm on the road this weekend, doing some shows for my friend Jeff A. at ComedySportz - Quad Cities. The first one was last night here in Des Moines. A really fun and kind of unusual gig. Along with my friends Patrick and Big G, we met up with this girl Michele who plays with ComedySportz - San Jose. Michelle is here in Des Moines for her cousin's wedding. We peformed at the rehearsal dinner. It was Michele's gift to the couple, who apparently are big fans, and go see her perform in California all the time. It was a really fun show for a very nice family. We themed everything around the couple and their family. Had a little fun with Father Murphy, the officient for the ceremony who was hilarious and awesome, and even though there were only about 50 people at the show, the laughter sounded like a group 10 times that size, because we killed.

After the show, we hung around and Michele and her husband bought us a couple beers and we swapped a few old ComedySportz stories from back in the day. Then the family and friends headed off to some dueling piano bar, and we headed back to our hotel because come on...a dueling piano bar? No thanks. Thankfully, we found a little Irish pub right by our hotel, so the boys and I hung out there for a little bit before coming back to the hotel to crash. We'll head back to Rock Island here in a few, and then another show tonight. I'll try and keep you posted, as I know you're waiting impatiently to hear about that one, too.

Oh, one sidenote: the worst part about this Des Moines (super quick) trip? Literally not more than 150 steps from our hotel is one of these. My favorite! But when we got into town we went straight to the gig so it was closed when we were done, and we're leaving this morning before it opens. Not cool, Des Moines. Not cool.

- Corey

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