Sunday, May 18, 2008


Saturday night's show was in this little town in Iowa for some printing company. I did the show with ComedySportz owner Jeff, along with Don and Fred. I've done a few shows with Don and he always delivers. Really smart, funny guy. Fred I had never met before, but he was great, too. Both Don and Fred are computer savvy, techie kinds of guys, so the conversation in the car ride to and from the show was a little nerd-centric. Lots of comic book references and tech lingo. I had little to add. No big deal, the show was a lot of fun. We performed at the Maquoketa Country Club, which was a little confusing. In the lounge area, there were golf items on the wall, the Golf Channel on TV and references to various course records and such. However, looking out the windows of the lounge and from the main dining room, where the show happened, you couldn't see any golf course. Jeff assured me there was one, but I'm pretty sure it's just a mini golf course in the basement.

Post show back in Rock Island was pretty low key. Just kicked back at the hotel and chilled, really. I was pretty tired from the late night in Des Moines combined with an afternoon jog around the District area in Rock Island. The drive back to Chicago was nice and uneventful. This week brings a lot of work out at the Laugh Out Loud space in Schaumburg and a visit from Briette, as she will be joining Mo on a cool promo gig doing hair for some Garnier gig. I'm sure she'll let you know all about that later.

- Corey

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