Wednesday, May 07, 2008

10 Pinatas!?!?

Why in the world? What the? How come?

Just you wait. Patience, my friends. Patience.


Jared Brustad said...
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Jared Brustad said...

Did Corey have sex with a papier mache rabbit again?

Steaming bowl o' Calderone said...

I think 5 days is being patient enough. If you're just going to follow this up with a picture of a can of Pepsi, Coke, RC, or any other cola just so you can do a bit on Rupert Holmes' song, I'm going to be tremendously disappointed.

"If you like pinata colas and getting caught in the rain..."

Damn, now that's stuck in my head.

corey said...

No, sorry. You'll actually have to wait quite a bit longer. This was just a teaser. Maybe forget you ever saw this and then when it gets sprung upon you in a few weeks, you'll be all excited and go "yeah! i forgot about those! i love callbacks!"

Dan Telfer said...

As delightful as this is, part of me doesn't want to know. My imagination has so many implausible explanations that I would like to pretend are true.