Monday, August 28, 2006

What is my problem?

There are two things that are bound to happen when it rains.

1. It'll be the only day the entire week that I decide to wear my hair down. Of course it looks like crap by the time I get to my destination point.

2. I will fall up steps. That's right ladies and gentleman. I fell up the stairs AGAIN today. (refer to last post to see a pattern here). This time it was right in front of my office building and not because I was in a hurry, but simply because the ground was slippery. I fell right on my ass. I'm okay though, the only thing bruised is my ego. Sigh.

- Mo


Randman said...

Uhh, ok, I'm no investigator or anything (actually, I am), but if you fell "Up" the stairs and landed on your bottom, that means you had to be backing up the stairs.

That may be the issue here!

Mo said...

Well fine! Way to make fun of the injured girl.