Thursday, August 17, 2006

Weekend Recap

Despite the sad news about Ted, we also had a great time with the family this past weekend. Corey's parents and his Aunt and Uncle came to visit. Here are some highlights from the weekend:

On Thursday we went to see the taping of NPR's game/news/comedy show "Wait wait...don't tell me!" If you've never listened to it, I highly recommend it. It was hilarious. A panel of semi- celebrity/journalists answer hot topic news questions. Callers dial in to play some of the quiz games as well, in hopes of winning the prize of NPR's news anchor Carl Kasell recording an outgoing message on their answering machine. Each week they have a celebrity guest that calls in for an interview and also to play a quiz game themselves. This week's celebrity guest was Tommy Chong. As you can imagine, he was a great guest. For some hilarious listening, click on the link above and on the show's homepage you can hear some past Carl Kasell answering machine messages. They're awesome.

We also spent a lot of time shopping, and of course eating. Uncle Lloyd was particularly funny. I've never seen a 75 year old man eat so much ice cream. At every turn he was ready to eat. He particularly got a kick out of the guys on the street pushing the carts full of ice cream. "Can you believe this! An ice cream bar for only $1. In Kansas City, this would cost me $1.50 and they wouldn't bring it to you right on the street!"

The Old Town School of Folk Music right up the street from us had their annual garage sale. While Corey's mom and Aunt and Uncle shopped around Lincoln Square, Corey, his dad and I waited in line for an hour and a half to get in. It was worth it, though. In their garage sale, they sell used instruments, accessories, books and other accompaniment they've collected over the year. Corey bought a used, but in great condition bass guitar, amp and strap all for under $200. He's going to start taking lessons next month. I found a great steal too. My dad is a musician. He plays all sorts of fun percussion instruments like the Jimbay, Bongos, other African drums and even some that he's made himself. I called and asked if he was looking for anything so I could keep an eye out. All he was really interested in was a steel drum. I figured there'd be no way we'd find one at a Folk music store. But tucked away, kind of in a corner, was one! It's pretty big too, over 1 1/2 feet in diameter. It's from Trinidad and brand new would normally cost $600. He got it for $175! Now the problem is figuring how to ship it back to him.

We also went to the beach. Sometimes I forget how awesome this city is until we have people in town to take out. It was a gorgeous day and we sat back from the water on the cliff between the grass and the sand and ate, of course, ice cream.
I think realizing how great being outside can be (at least with the kind of weather we had) finally convinced Corey to get a bike. He got a great deal on a refurbished bike and we've been like kids riding around our neighborhood every night. It's the perfect blend of fun and exercise.

- Mo

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