Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Shot

Wow. Simply wow. And in the post game press conference the guy couldn't be more humble. He makes possibly the biggest shot in Kansas basketball history, and he's all "aw shucks" about the attention. Amazing.

Down 9 points with 2:12 seconds to go. How many of you thought it was over? I'll admit there were thoughts in my head that we had it, but gave the game away in the final minute. When Derrick Rose chucked up that shot-clock beating prayer that banked in I thought "if those kinds of shots are going to fall for them, maybe it just isn't meant to be."

But we had plenty of those "Team of Destiny" moments ourselves. Especially Mario's shot, seen above. Some interesting parallels to the 1988 KU National Championship team:

1988 KU plays 1st and 2nd round in Nebraska (Lincoln). 2008 KU plays 1st and 2nd round in Nebraska (Omaha).
1988 KU plays Sweet 16 and Regional Finals in Detroit. 2008 KU plays Sweet 16 and Regional Finals in Detroit.
1988 KU is led by a relunctant star, Danny Manning who wears jersey #25. 2008 KU is led by a reluctant star, Brandon Rush who wears jersey #25.
1988 Championship Game hero is Danny Manning, who's father is on the bench as a KU assistant. 2008 Championship Game hero is Mario Chalmer, who's father is on the bench as a KU assistant (Dir. of Basketball Operations).
1988 Finals referees included Ed Hightower. 2008 Finals ref crew includes Ed Hightower.

Cool, huh? All I know is, I left the bathroom light on last night when I left the house to go watch the game. Additionally, my cousin Anne is the smartest person I know. When asked if she wanted a KU Final Four t-shirt, she answered "No thanks. I'm waiting for the National Championship t-shirt." Awesome.

- Corey


Aaron said...

I developed a "tradition" during this tournament of pouring a glass of scotch for myself when the game was put away - sort of my own version of Red Auerbach's victory cigar (only without the nicotine). Last night, when we were down 9 after Rose's circus shot, I went ahead and filled my scotch glass during the timeout that followed. And with each sip I took, Memphis missed a free throw. And when Mario hit The Shot, I damned near did a spit take.

All hail the magic Scotch, for it leads us unto victory!

NikkiDooDoo said...

What a game! And I don't think I'm just saying that because "my" team was involved in it. When CBS first flashed the stats about how equally matched the teams were, I did not believe the game would live up to the numbers. But boy-howdy did it.

Rock Chalk!

Jared Brustad said...

My heart is still racing.

cszponce said...

Congrats, all you Kansas'ians!

That was an amazing game. Well earned.