Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Funny, She Doesn't Look Flu-ish

Mo is sick. She's got the flu.

The good news, it came on after the Gilda's Club weekend in Rock Island. That all happened without a hitch, and we had a friggin' blast. The "All Star" ComedySportz match was tremendous. It was me, Sarah, Josh from KC and Patrick from RI vs. Mo, Big G from RI, and Pete and Nikki from KC. Jeff D. reffed and Jeff A. was in the booth. Are you kidding me? Crazy funny. Huge laughter all night long. That was one of my favorite comedy shows in a long time. Every game hit big and it was a true ensemble performance, as every one of us had moments where we shined. Afterwards, Mo and I performed our sketch show, the first time we had ever done a full show. It went really well. Sure there were some areas that we found we wanted to tweak, but overall it went great. It was great to get laughs where we weren't sure it was still funny, and also when we didn't expect it. I'm really proud of our work, and excited to see where it will go as we continue to write more and improve upon what we currently have.

The bad news, Mo is getting sick right before my folks get into town for a visit. Also, it means we have to cancel out of our show this Friday at The Playground, part of Grafitti. She's feeling a little better today than yesterday, but still achy and with a sore throat. Her fever comes and goes, but is mostly gone. We're both cranking ourselves full of Tamiflu and Vitamin C, but I still feel like I'm a ticking time bomb, with my flu symptoms ready to explode any moment. Let's hope they don't.

- Corey

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NikkiDooDoo said...

I hope you are feeling better. It took me half the week (or more) to recoup. Sorry if I gave it to you. We really shouldn't have made out, but I just can't quit you.