Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Family Portrait

Sears had a sale, so we took the family to capture a moment in time. A moment before the kids are all grown up and moved away. A moment while our foreign exchange student Bing Bong was still with us. A moment captured forever, hanging over the mantleplace in our den. We'll always be able to admire this moment as we sit here as a family, playing our brand new Atari game system and watching this new television programming on a Music Television channel.

- The Wilkerson Family


Crescent said...

oh my god. Mo, your face in the first one is so beyond perfect. The Wilkerson's seem like a pretty rad family!


i-palindrome-i said...

HILARIOUS!!!! is this what corey went out to buy last night? LOVE IT!

-your newest fan, alice

Jared Brustad said...

Corey, I hope the mustache was just for the photo.

Otherwise stay away from playgrounds.

Steaming bowl o' Calderone said...

pr0n stache's ftw!

Timprov said...


cszponce said...


Just wow.

As you mentioned st the Cat, now that I know who Sarah is, these photos are THAT much funnier. :-)

Great shows this weekend - you should be proud!

JoRae said...

Hilarious! It looks so authentic!