Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Crossing the line into "old"

So it happened over the weekend. I'll post it here so I won't have to write down the date. You know, "the date". As in "the date I first felt old". Things have been leading up to this date. Birthdays are obvious reminders. Seeing your nieces grow up helps add to it. But you're only as old as you feel, right? Well, this weekend helped push me closer to feeling old. And here's why:

You remember as a kid, riding in the car with your dad? He turns on the "oldies" station and they're playing tunes by Chubby Checker and the Four Tops. You laugh and think, "hmmm, will this station still be playing these songs when I grow up, or will they play the songs I listen to today? Because by then, they'll be oldies, too?" Well, this weekend Mo and I were driving up to Manhattan for our friends Jake and Aubrey's wedding. I'm flipping through the radio stations for some cruisin' tunes and as I hit the seek button, the radio lands on Oldies 95 in Kansas City. The song being played: "Don't Ask Me Why" by Billy Joel. A song that first came out in......wait for it.....1980. When I was 9.


- Corey


Randman said...

Welcome. We've been expecting you. Here's you comfy chair. Here's your T-Shirt which reads "I just don't understand these young people's music". Here's your Tagamet, for those things you used to be able to eat, but can't anymore. Here's some tweezers, for all those hairs that are going to begin growing in new places. And lastly, you'll need to decide on what sound you'll begin making when you get out of a chair.

Corey said...

i believe my sound will be "unhhhscrewyourandytennisongahh."


Steaming bowl o' Calderone said...

You poor, poor old bastard. You'll have to let me know what old age is like when I get there.