Wednesday, September 27, 2006


I know we haven't been great on posting lately. We still owe you a lot of pictures. The "problem" is that we've officially hit the busy season. Weekend after weekend is booked from now until the end of the year, probably even into Janurary. First it was a trip to KC and our anniversary, then shows, then my mom was in town (had a blast - No fights! Whoo Hoo). Next up, Blackpool Lights is staying with us for the weekend. Normally we only get to see them for a night, but this time they'll be here for 3 days, it'll be a blast. We get to see them play at The House of Blues, opening for Social Distortion. Then there are various weekend trips to meet up with friends or to do remote shows, visit my sister in NJ and then my cousin is coming in town, not to mention Thanksgiving and Christnnukah. I love this time of year. It's hectic and exhausting, but a blast, plus we make extra money.

To reward ourselves, we'll be going on a 7 day cruise to the Eastern Caribbean on January 6th. I'm so excited. I've never done anything like this before. In fact, the only time I spent out of the country was in Canada for 1 hour in a mall. That was just because I was already in Michigan and wanted to say I'd been to another country. Apparently St. Thomas has amazing deals on real diamonds. If you buy through the Carnival recommended vendors, they'll guarantee the jewels. Needless to say, all our extra money is going towards the cruise. If anyone is thinking about giving me a Christmas present, don't bother. We'll take money instead. Need to be able to afford swimming with the dolphins!

Speaking of extra money, I'm working on continuing to build my clientele and especially focus on wedding work. Something to keep in mind for those of you out on The Knot or that might know people getting married, I'll give anyone a $25 finders fee for referring brides to me. I'll hand you over the cash once they've booked and I've done the work for them. I know, shameless plug, but it's my blog so deal with it.


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Randman said...

How awesome! We love cruising, and the Eastern Caribbean was my favorite.

If you get a chance to take a shore excursion at St. Thomas over to St. John, do it. Trunk Bay was the most beautiful beach I've ever been on, and some of the best snorkling I've done. It's part of a national park, so it's just wonderful.

If we can get Charlie potty trained and, we are probably going to go on the Eastern Caribbean Disney cruise in September next year.