Monday, September 11, 2006

The Gloved One

I found something new that's supposed to help my hand and wrist from hurting. Even though I think it's spawning from my back trouble, I thought I'd give this ergonomically correct, form fitting glove a chance. It's supposed to keep the blood circulating and relieve and prevent pain in the area. Notice the middle and ring finger are in the same hole! All I know is that besides creating more typos, it also makes me look really cool and that makes me happy.

- Mo


Clay said...

Hey Corey and Mo, not really leaving a message about the glove. I just need your address. I need to turn you two into the AARP so you can get your Senior Citizen's discount. Seriously, my granny falls up the steps. And that glove, you are one step away from support hose. Who the hell listens to Oldies 95 anyway? Geez.

Okay I really do need your address. I have some movies to send you.

Corey said...

My address is:

1234 Jerkpod Ln.
Bite, ME 90210

- Corey

Steaming bowl o' Calderone said...


Mo said...


Clay said...

I think you must have misinterpreted my post. Please stop waggling your cane at me.

Dan said...

Holy Judd Nelson, Batman!

Franco said...

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