Tuesday, August 02, 2005

My List

There are 2 kinds of lists:

There's the "you're on my list" because you pissed me off.
There's the "oohh baby, you're on my list" as in the Ross Geller list.

Here I am talking about the latter, in which you are given permission to hook up with these 5 people if the chance comes up, even if you're in a committed relationship. Here's mine.

1. LL Cool J
2. Gavin Rosdale
3. Brad Pitt (even though he's a jerkpod right now)
4. Carlos Beltrone (sp?)
5. I can never rembember my 5th person. It's possibly George Clooney, he's an oldie but a goodie. Any suggestions?

Who's on your list?



Jared said...

Is Carlos Beltrone that famous Spanish Jazz musician?

Mo said...

Shut up. He's the hot ex Royals player.

Mo said...

Now Jared is on my other list.

Jared said...

WooHoo, i'm number 6!!!!!!

Mo said...

Not that list... You're number one on the other "list."

Jared said...

Corey's list??? That's just wrong.

Corey said...

no no jared, you can look and see clearly that you're not on my list.

jared said...

not even #6?

Corey said...

Actually, with the right outfit, and the tray of White Castles of course, you could be #3.