Monday, August 29, 2005

And Happy Birthday Josh

Man, what was happening 9 months ago? A bunch of my friends celebrate their birthdays in August. This past weekend it was Josh. He hit number 30 finally. Pete turned 40, Josh's milestone year, too. Well here's some fun trivia for you. My pal Josh is the same age as:

* liquid soap
* Pop Rocks
* Rubik's Cube
* the laser printer
* the push-through tab on a soda can
* the first truly personal computer

So there you go. Happy Birthday, my man. Now here's a picture of Josh rocking out at karaoke the last time I was in KC. He blew the damn roof off the place.


Steaming bowl o' Calderone said...

he rocks!

Linda can't remember her password to post on her own name said...

sometimes... at night.... when i'm alone.... i watch the seasonal videos i have of josh singing price. it's hot.

josh said...

Wow! Thanks, guys! I'm just now back to work to read the post, but I appreciate it belatedly. 30 feels a lot like 28...except now that I'm 30 I get to make out with a belly dancer. Hooah!