Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Game Night

Friday night was game night, part duex at our place. Last time we partied at Jaime's place, but she has a cat and Corey's allergic. So, there were about ten people at our place, which I believe is the most we've ever had over at once for that long. Our place is small and there wasn't much elbow room, but it didn't matter. We had a blast. I was also excited because I got to play host and serve snacks on some of our new serving platters (thank you Steve and Tracy Jones) and drink margaritas out of the new goblets.

Nick, Larry, Dan, Corey and I started off by playing Clue before the 2nd wave of people came over. I have no idea how we did it as kids. That game is hard. Good thing we played early on, alcohol wouldn't of helped.
When the rest of the group arrived we moved on to Catch Phrase. No, not Strip Catch Phrase, Dan and Junior, that's reserved for you guys back in KC. We also played the name game or whatever you call it (everyone calls it something different). It's the game where everyone puts a bunch of names in a bowl. The first round you can say anything to get the others to guess the name you drew, the second round you can only say 2 words and last round is mimed. Anyways, that's what these pictures are from. We're in the miming stage. I think Owen is starting to mime that he nicked his face shaving.... as in Stevie Nicks.

Corey and I continued the gaming on through the weekend . We played Doctor on Sunday.... no not like that. Larry gave us Operation along with some other fun games as a wedding present.
Thanks Lars. Fun stuff. Fun stuff. Can't wait for Game Night part three.

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