Thursday, August 18, 2005

A little calmer

This week has been much calmer than the last two weeks of hell. Though we've been busy, it's not nearly as crazy. I've even been able to work out again a couple times this week during lunch rather than pass out in the nap room at work. I haven't been about to run though, because someone stole my sports bra. The break in hecticness started on Saturday. That evening after I had a couple photoshoots, we went to Drake Brothers restaurant in the Drake hotel. It was our friend Garrett's birthday and our other friend Amy works for the Drake so we got a sweet deal on our meal. It was sooooo good. The waiter was wonderful. He was very over the top, but really treated us well and even sung for Garrett. My filet minon was particularly amazing, as was the chipotle corn, onion rings and chocolate cake. We all left the restaurant fat, happy and a little wine buzzed. On Sunday I had another client, but then I got to rest. That night we saw The Aristocrats. It's dirty, raunchy and hilarious. We even got free popcorn and a drink because no one was there to ring us up. That's what they get for hiring 17 year olds that are more interested in flirting with each other than the customer. Man... I'm so mature.
Anyways, Tuesday was my second I.O show. It wasn't too bad. Granted it wasn't the best show I've ever been in, definately your typical sophmore effort. This team has a lot of bonding to do. I'm honestly not sure how long it'll stay together, but I hear that's pretty typical of your first team with I.O. They change teams around like it's dirty underwear. So if the teams are like dirty underwear and me and many of my friends are in teams, does that make us turds? Man... mature and hilarious, Corey's a lucky man.
Last night we went to dinner with Corey's cousin, Anne in Chinatown. It was both of our first times down there. For those of you that have never been, it pretty much just rows of Chinese restaurants and little stores filled, and I mean filled with Chinese chachkees. The food itself was definately the best we've had since moving to Chicago, but I wouldn't say it was necessarily any better than Chinese food I've had in KC. You'd think that in a city with such diversity, you'd be able to find decent Chinese food...hmmm. Last night was one of the first nights we didn't do any wedding stuff in the evening. We're 17 days away and pretty much all that is left are small things. I'm sure we're forgetting something though. I just know we're going to get back to KC the weekend of and we'll be blindsided by a huge part of the wedding that we completely forgot about. I didn't care about that last night though. I was out like a light by 10/10:30pm on the couch, which is the earliest I've gone to bed in a long time. Corey on the other hand had another case of insomnia and was up until who knows when. Hopefully he won't be too grumpy tonight. I just don't know if I can handle another beating.
Last night in my sleep I had my first wedding nightmare. Apparently this is pretty common for brides as the big day approaches. Basically in my dream, the girls in the wedding party were getting ready. We were supposed to meet at Figlio's (the place we're getting married at) at 4pm for pictures. Well in the dream I look at my watch (because it goes so well with a wedding dress) and it's 5pm and no one is ready. I start telling everyone to hussle, we have to go take pictures and be ready by 6pm when the guests arrive and expect the ceremony to start. Next thing you know, we're standing in front of these aluminum garages (nothing like Figlios) and all the guests are staring at me in my gown, which has suddenly turned into a weird, cheap, fluffy thing. I'm upset because the pictures still haven't been taken. My sister is trying on 3 different dresses and I'm turning into bridzilla in front of everyone because it's a bridesmaids dress and the fact that she's trying on other colors and styles at this point is pissing me off. My mom is making me cry because she's not ready and she's mad at me for getting mad that everyone's not ready. So the photographer decides just to take my pictures, but the suddenly cheap gown keeps bunching up and looks ridiculous, so I get even more upset. I finally run "out" of the ceremony to go back to the cabins (? don't know why cabins) that we were getting ready at to smoke a cigarette and find Corey so we can just get married by ourselves. I woke up panicked, a little out of breath and pissed off. I'm better now, but it took me a while this morning to collect myself and remember it was just a dream.


Corey said...

Note to self: cancel reservations at the cabin.

Steaming bowl o' Calderone said...

I'm glad you signed that post. I was beginning to think that Corey was referring to himself in the third person again and I was getting worried right around the sports bra part.

Linda said...

wow.. Mo.. breathe, breathe.. and a little less caffeine. If this post indicates wht you
re like with getting some sleep, maybe you should keep burnign the candle at both ends. Not just the dream, but the clear capability to ramble on and on : )

Just kidding girl.. I love hearing what's going on.

AND.. your post gave me a thought: How many people have friends who have YOUR middle name as their name. I don't think I know any Maries.