Monday, August 08, 2005

Mission Accomplished

We're back from Kansas City and we're alive. This trip was the most successful yet. There was no fighting, no yelling, no crying. It wasn't even that stressful. It was definately busy, but everthing ran smoothly. Our appointments were on time and each vendor took care of us. And let me say, this wedding is going to kick ass!
We got into town late Friday after a bit of a delay. We each went to our own family's house to sleep. I of course had to get my Orange Flurry from Sonic. It's just cruel how the advertisers tease us in Chicago with all the Sonic commercial here. I've done the reseach and there are no Sonics within 90 miles of Chicago. Retarded. Anyways, I hung out with my parents for about an hour, going through baby picture and other photo albums. I must say... I was adorable! In the morning I had a dress fitting and I didn't get lightheaded this time, like on my last trip. I think that's due to actually having food in my stomache. Then Corey picked me up and we went to the florist, the salon beauty supply, the tasting and to his brother's house to scan some pictures from the wedding and met with our officiant(Dan Walsh) to discuss the ceremony.
After dinner and a couple of margaritas, we met up with the rest of our Comedy City friends for karoke and drinks. I'm on a karaoke roll lately. They served humoungous beers that were bigger then my head! Corey and I had told ourselves that we were leaving my midnight, because we had an early morning the next day, followed by more running around. Well, yeah, that didn't happen. We didn't even leave the bar until around 1:15am. Not good.
I was feeling it in the morning, plus we had to drive from Overland Park to Lee's Summit to meet with the photographer. I was tired, but doing ok for most of it, that is until the ride back home. I occassionally get car sick anyways, so being hung over on top of it didn't help. I felt much better after yacking at the Rittmaster house.
Luckily it helped, because we had to be presentable for the shower Corey's mom's friends threw us. It was really sweet with good food, friends and great gifts. It's an extrememly weird situation to be put in to sit in front of a bunch of people and open presents. Definately awkward, but a lot of fun.
The last appointment was after the shower. We met with the DJ, who again is great. Eddie Hall...Fast Eddie. Some of you guys know him. We finished the weekend by paking up the gifts and spending a little time with Corey's parents. Though we were tired when we left, we weren't nearly as worn out as the last time. It's such a relief to know that so much is done and it's all going to come together. Oh yeah... I also got sick on the plane. I didn't get sick ON the plane, but I hurled once we got off. I had been feeling fine for most of the day, but again I think it was the motion sickness and lack of sleep adding to it.
Alright, so lesson learned. There will be NO drinking the night before the wedding. I don't even know if we can trust going out the night before. We don't have much will power to leave the party when we're with our friends. You guys are too much fun, so what do you expect. So yeah, I blame my hangover on Nikki and Junior and Dan and Dennis and Julie and Mandy etc etc etc. Thanks a lot guys.


Steaming bowl o' Calderone said...

I LOVE drunken MO phone calls! Who else was talking on the phone with you?

Mo said...

What did we say? I'm trying think of who else was on the phone with me. I didn't even remember calling you until you mentioned it now.

josh said...

I must admit the two of you looked reasonably refreshed on Sunday morning; much better than I expected considering the Sat. night festivities and the early Sun. morning photography. One word: Warriors.

Sometimes you actually find a karaoke place with the perfect mix of improv people and non-improv-ers (like the Celtic Crown was the weekend I was up there). We could pepper the rotation with songs if not dominate it. I like the dive vibe of the Red Balloon but the number of 'pods trying to sing was a bit of a bummer. Then again, it sounds like I showed up right after a bunch of songs and departed right before another bunch. Oh well...that'll teach me.