Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Mo's best friend Anna was in town for a quick stop in Chicago on her way to seeing family in Michigan so we rounded up some friends and played us some Whirlyball last night! This picture is not us. I found it online, but it's a pretty good indication of what we looked like. If you've never played, Whirlyball is sort of a combination of lacrosse, hockey and Jai-Alai played while riding an electrically powered mini bumper car. The Whirlyball bumper cars are quicker and more maneuverable than traditional bumper cars, too. You play in a basketball court-sized area in a 5 on 5 game, half of you in red cars and half in yellow. In one hand you have a Jai-Alai style plastic scoop and in the other hand a steering crank. The ball being tossed around is a wiffle ball. At each end the court there are vertically hung backboards with a 15 inch hole in the center. The goal is to get the ball through the hole. Behind the hole is a net mesh swing gate equipped with a buzzer & or lights to notify the referee when a score is made. And it's much harder than it looks.

We played 3 games lasting 20 minutes each, and it was a blast. We mixed the teams up each match, and the final game was the men vs. the women. The guys won handily, 3-0 with our third goal a thing of beauty. Garrett grabbed the loose ball at one end of the court and started the fast break. Garrett passed to Dan, Dan lofted a nice pass to Christian, Christian zipped the ball to me, and I "put the biscuit in the basket". If I do say so myself, it was poetry. John Wooden would have been proud.

After Whirlyball we grabbed some dinner and it was a really fun night with good friends. I can't wait to go back.

Big thanks to everyone who played last night: Mo, Anna, Annie, Emily, Garrett, Dan, Kristine and Christian.

- Corey


Jared said...

I'm jealous. I want to play whirlyball.

corey said...

yes you do. i heard there is one in KC, maybe near town center? don't be a dummy - google that.

AJRitz said...

Whirlyball ROCKS! I played a couple of years ago in Dallas. Just about the most fun you can have with your pants on. :)

NikkiDooDoo said...

I second ajritz (which I think I had to type for the word verification). D and I had a blast when we played in CHI a few years ago. One of the guys I played against whined to the "ref" that I was hitting him with my scooper. I was. Suck it up. Oh, and I think the KC place is Power Play on SM Pkwy.

Steaming bowl o' Calderone said...

What is it with your Rittmasters and your pants? Perhaps during my trip we could play a little whirly ball?