Friday, August 03, 2007

Sigh... Of course!

I've been officially self-employed for 1 month now. I decided to wait a bit to get independent health insurance. I have the option of using Cobra 2 months retroactively in case, God forbid there's an emergency. Well of course something happened. Not an emergency so to speak, but some freak occurrence that could only happen to me.

I have an ingrown eyelash or hair or something in my upper eyelid. GROSS! What the Hell? This could only happen to me. It's gross, somewhat painful (if I mess with it) and worst of all it inhibits how much makeup I can wear... Cue horror scream!!!

I went to an Optometrist to see if they can help, planning to just pay out of pocket. Unfortunately the damn hair is too deep, so the topical anesthetic is not enough. She literally sat there with a needle and tried to pull the hair out like you would a splinter, you know, only WITH MY EYE!!!! It did no good.

Now I have to go to a Opthamologist for a local anesthetic and if things aren't too complicated an in-office procedure. If it's not simple then I may have to have it removed in a "simple" surgery all while depleating my bank account by who knows how much. Come on!?

Man, I have some crappy luck when it comes to this stuff.

- Mo

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Steaming bowl o' Calderone said...

If the 2 of us have this bad of luck, who are our counterparts and just how lucky can they get?