Wednesday, August 29, 2007

House of Randomness

I don't have many ideas about what to write, but it's time for a new post, so here are some random thoughts.

- I hate it when I'm watching what I eat, being really good about exercise and then blow it. Yesterday, I worked out, ate very light and healthy all day, even when eating a rushed dinner - had a low fat Subway sandwich. I rode my bike to and from class. I felt great about myself, until I lost all control and ate three, pieces of Little Ceasars $5 pizza at 9:30pm and a bunch of candy. Three pieces of pizza?! Oh the guilt.

- I'm excited to see the broadway musical Wicked this weekend with our cousin Sarah who's in town shopping for her Bat Mitzvah dress. I'm not excited that I can't go to the Bat Mitzvah, because of work. A.) I'd love a chance to go home. B.) It'd be nice to see family. C.) I've never been to a Bat Mitzvah.

- Also excited about our two year wedding anniversary. Two years? Whoa time flew by.

- Mmmm hard boiled eggs

- I have learned that I hate the television show, "The View." Hate, hate, hate it. I'd rather clean toilets than watch that crap.

- Started our writing class at iO last night. It's taught by Michael McCarthy, who has written for SNL, Second City Mainstage, The Drew Carey Show, Bill Maher, radio and many other places. So far, so good. It's going to take a lot of discipline to succeed in his class, but I feel confident that it's going to help us both become better writers. Unlike many classes around town, I really feel like we're going to get our money's worth and this isn't just another excuse to rake in money from eager improvisers hoping for their big break.

- Illy coffee is delicious.

- Instant Message I just got from Corey, "Hey, does Corey like pizza 3 days in a row? Well, the answer is yes. Tomorrow is building tenant appreciation day with free pizza from Giordano's in the lobby at lunch. Ha!"


Steaming bowl o' Calderone said...

I wonder why they didn't just use the Dear Corey page.

JoRae said...

How was Wicked? I saw it in NYC and LOVED it!