Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Festival Wrap-up

Well the big Der Monkenpickle reunion has come and gone. And it ranks up there as one of my top-5 weekends of all-time. Just so much fun to hang with hilarious and talented old friends, get to schmooze with other really talented and hilarious people, and put on crazy fun shows for frenzied crowds. It's hard to top that. Some highlights of the weekend, in no particular order:

- the scene from Friday night's show that began with an awesomely staged golf cart chase and culminated with the four of us hovering over a dude in the front row.
- the BBQ Tour: Thursday night at Gates, Friday night at Bryant's, Saturday night at Oklahoma Joe's. I think my heart just stopped.
- Jeremy's new nickname "Old Bullets"
- the song Jason improvised at Bar Natasha
- Ed ending the entire festival on a cartoon-esque take to the crowd
- the classroom scene in Saturday night's show where we threw in a bunch of references to an old sketch from back in the day.

There are more, but I have to stop or this post will just be one long string of bullet points. Overall I just had so much fun, and I was amazed by how easily the four of us fell back into that comfort level of performing with each other, especially since it had been so long since we'd been on stage together. I'm really grateful to the KCIF committee for coordinating this reunion. It was 99% perfect. The only way it could have been better was if Eric could have been there, too, but I can't blame him. The opportunity to go to Asia and perform with Cirque is obviously more important, so I can't blame him. If he had been able to make it, both Jason and I had the idea that we would perform one of our old sketches to close out our sets. Ironically, we were both thinking of the same sketch. But it just didn't feel right to do that without Eric.

Regardless, it was just so much fun to hang out, joke around, giving each other a hard time, and just geniunely enjoying spending time with some old friends. I feel truly proud to have been a part of this group and really lucky to get to recapture a small taste of the old glory days. I'll try and post pictures later.

I need a nap.

- Corey

*** UPDATE *** - There are a ton of photos from the festival which can be found online here:

All photos were all taken by Chris, the official festival photojournalist. There are pictures from both the local acts weekends as well as the national acts weekend. Great stuff here by Chris


Jeff said...

SO PISSED I missed the KC weekend, man - you have no idea. Let's just say that Jeff A. didn't really offer the weekend up to anyone besides the 3 people he took down there, and I think I was the only other CSzQC'er to know about it.

Anyhoot, I'm in 2 shows at the same time right now so I have no free time, but wanted to let you know that I was thinking about ya' and hoping that the shows went well.

You should take a break. Go on a cruise or something... :)


briemcgee,duh said...

Why so sad, babyface? Next time there's a camera around, try smiling!