Thursday, April 19, 2007


I know Pete's going to give me a hard time if I don't post something soon, soooo...
Here's what's up: Things are hectic as always. Lots of auditions coming up... I hate saying that because I'm afraid it'll jinx it, but oh well. I'll just leave it at that and not risk anything by saying who the auditions are for.

I'm also currently doing a 4 week run with an improv group called Statim at the Playground Theater. Good ol' improv, only with an electric bass and a snare drum. Pretty fun actually.

A couple other new opportunities came up for me. One is a potential teaching gig. Basically I would do a seminar of sorts for new young models and actors. I'd give hair and makeup tips. It's for a company that produces model and acting magazines, so it could lead to some great connections. I wouldn't be able to quit my job or anything, it's just a summer gig - twice a month, but still could be really cool.
I've also been asked to do some extra work in a National Geographic show, produced by Bill Curtis' production company. I'm pretty excited about that one. It doesn't pay much and I'd have to miss work because of the daytime shooting schedule, but who cares? It would be awesome! My goal is to seek out Bill Curtis and get him to say funny stuff, because he has the best voice. I'll find out more details today, but hopefully they also need a hair and makeup person...I'm always pimping!

I'm also working on a few different writing projects, some my own, others with Corey and other friends. More details of those will come up soon. Maybe that's why my blog isn't the most intellectually stimulating piece of literature. All my brain power is going elsewhere... sorry.

- Mo

So Mo did her update, I'll put mine here, too. I'm currently in rehearsals for a couple of improv shows I was cast in through a group called Theater Momentum. One show is called "Moniker" and it explores how one person's life is affected by the nicknames they are given. We're still working out the form, but it's coming along. It's looking like we'll be getting 2 different nicknames for the same person and playing out their life in parallel universes and seeing how the different nicknames color the same world otherwise. Interesting idea. Fun cast, too. It's a nice mix of experienced and new improvisers. There's enough experience to keep the things moving along, but enough fresh attitudes to remind you that this shit is fun when you let it.

The other show is called "Missed Connections", and I may have touched on this in an earlier post, but the show explores the people behind those "Missed Connections" postings on places like and such. It's a great concept, as those "ads" range from hilarious to absurd to sad and depressing to adorable to desperate to pathetic. It's very character and emotion driven and the cast for this show is fantastic, too. I'm really looking forward to these shows. They'll be running on Wednesday nights from June 6 to August 1, with no show on July 4. I'll be sure to post more when it gets closer to opening.

Other that that, a few auditions here and there, and doing some writing projects with some friends. Both Mo and I are looking to expand our writing skills and are looking towards maybe taking some classes to that end, too. We shall see. I just want the weather to get nicer so I can start riding my bike to rehearsals again. Seriously? It's late April and it's still coat weather? This is ridic. Come on already.

- Corey

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Randman said...

I hope there are some plans some time to visit your friend in Orlando, and kick it at the parks!